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Episode 2380: Ace of Bass


Coming up with band names is a fun exercise. And there's an analogue in roleplaying games! Your adventuring party could always use a cool name.

Bryon's Blades. The Doom Squad. The Black Hand. Figments of Truth. The Lost Outfit.

This can be something fun that the players come up with, exercising their creativity. Or if they don't seem to be interested in it, the GM can have some fun with it!

Next time your unnamed band of heroes enters a new town, the guard at the gate asks them the name of their group. If the players go, "What?", the guard says, "Every adventuring party entering the town must register their official name with the Town Guard. Thems the rules." And just wait until they decide what to reply.

Or you could have NPCs start to refer to the party by some nickname they thought up themselves. If they have a reputation for flushing out a band of goblins, people just start calling them the Goblin Cleavers or something. Then the party has to decide if they like this or not, and what to do about it. For bonus fun, have NPCs refer to one of their less salubrious episodes: "Hey, aren't you the Cow Spookers?!" "Look, it's the Tavern Torchers!" If they're not quick to do something about this, the name will stick!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh lord, that name. Both of them even. Though Pete's is much better. It'd be either a dark and ominous cover band, or one that's got super bombastic covers! It's neat to see how the band program invitation has morphed into a garage band sort of thing. Though they probably can at least use Ben's music room after hours. And to think, this all got started when Ben decided to start studying different things.


Admiral Holdo: Yeah! You gave me the idea at the end of the last session!
GM: I’m so sorry...
General Hux: Nah, it’s okay. Redirecting Sally’s energy into something creative has always been a good strategy.
GM: Have you decided on a name?
Admiral Holdo: Pitiful Little Band!
General Hux: I guess that fits, since we have no bass player.
Finn: I play bass.
General Hux: What? Really?
Finn: Yeah. My dad taught me. I haven’t touched it in years though.
General Hux: Do you... want to join in?
Finn: Not if it’s called Pitiful Little Band.
Rey: Ooh! I know!
General Hux: Yes?
Rey: Darth, Wind, and Fire!

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Published: Sunday, 29 October, 2023; 02:11:09 PDT.
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