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Episode 2368: The Fathier Adventures of Robbers on Canto


Every science fiction or fantasy world needs a good horse-analogue. It's impossible to have a fictional setting without some sort of riding animal. So if you don't want standard Earth horses, you have to invent something else that can serve the purpose.

It might conceivably be borderline possible to imagine a fictional world without riding animals... But that's basically crazy talk. Get out of here!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ahh, so Ben's playing the dumb one this time. Heisting a casino? That's all fun and games. Going back to spend it at the same casino? That's begging to get caught.

Interesting that there's a red highlight over the fathier jockey. It makes me think there's an info tidbit on that particular racer, or perhaps the odds of that one winning. I wonder what the writing actually means as well. This being Star Wars, I'd be shocked if it was nonsense lettering, but that still leaves room for easter egg text or something more meaningful.

Also? There are some pretty good expressions here, especially the last panel. I can just feel how snarky Annie's question is with how Finn's looking at the camera.


Rose: You know, a heist is all well and good, but how about we make a bit of extra cash on the side?
Finn: What do you suggest?
Rose: We steal the cash, then bet it all on fathier races!
Rose: Keep the winnings, and use the rest to enact Poe’s plan.
Finn: Can I get a close look at these fathiers?
GM: There’s an observation scope on the balcony.
Finn: {looking through scope} We could lose it all...
Rose: Oh, it won’t be a fair race. We’ll rig it!
GM: Finn sees jockeys lashing the fathiers with electrowhips.
[SFX]: kzzkzap!!
GM: They’re large horse-like creatures with eerily humanoid faces.
Finn: And what do the fathiers look like?
GM: ... I expect better from you, Annie.
Finn: And that’s what makes it worthwhile.

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Published: Sunday, 01 October, 2023; 02:11:10 PDT.
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