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Episode 2356: Zeitheist


If an NPC is meant to be obviously evil you need to make them Obviously Evil. Don't try to be even slightly subtle about it, because players are absolutely brilliant at missing subtle hints.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Huh. I would have thought that BB would have stuck with Poe. Now, that could be just because Poe and BB-8 were together at the start of Episode VII and I don't think they should split up. But Rey's off on her own adventure segment and now there's even less reason for Poe to talk when the movie gets back to his perspective. Well, I guess that's not accurate. I mean talk with people we've already seen in the movie and should care about.

I suppose Poe could be going off to collect more minions for..... something. It doesn't seem like there's any reason to have a base assault at the moment. Not when that base is currently behind the Resistance fleet and larger than almost every single ship we've seen so far. However, that would be a cool turnabout, if completely implausible, if the Resistance decided to go for a boarding action à la FTL Faster Than Light to get a better ship instead of this constant running away.


[SFX]: Woooosh! {the shuttle flies through hyperspace}
Rose: Time to plan a heist!
BB-8: Yeah, this should be... interesting.
Finn: This Peace Moon cafeteria card is one of the last things I have to remind me of my life in the First Order.
Rose: You could just toss it.
Finn: It’s a bittersweet memory. My time with Gil. And now I’m enacting a plan made by the man who killed him.
BB-8: That’s not necessarily the strongest reason to be wary of Poe’s plans.
Rey: Yeah, listening to Jim can totally derail your campaign.
GM: Oh, really??
Rose: Again: you said we could do anything in your game, Pete.
Rey: That doesn’t mean assist the forces of Chaos! That priest was obviously evil, yet you chose to aid him.
Poe: He was??
Rey: ... I should have given him a goatee.

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Published: Sunday, 03 September, 2023; 02:11:01 PDT.
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