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Episode 2320: Good Eye, Dear


A good leader knows they can't do everything themselves. A good leader delegates tasks to those best suited to them. You need to know who you can trust to do certain things.

And also people's limitations. Tossing out delegated jobs willy-nilly can lead to chaos. Which is great if that's what you want!

Try a game where a party of adventurers keep taking on inappropriate roles and tasks. Get the barbarian to negotiate with people. Have the wizard launch into melee combat. Make the paladin sneak around in shadows.

It might not work, but at least it'll be spectacular!

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I dunno Edgar, they can probably imagine quite a lot. Bribing an officer to out the mole in the Resistance would probably work well enough at least, if that's not yourself. Holdo better send someone else with the money if this plan somehow gets used, otherwise we'll have Han Solo 2.0 on our hands. It'd also have to be really quick or make good use of camera editing to get pulled off in time as the First Order fleet is still out there.

I recently realized that Luke somehow had a decent amount of training time in Episode V but the group in the Falcon spent a lot less time doing anything. And then again with the Episode VI Yoda scene into the Rebellion planning session. I wonder if we're having something similar in this Episode. As long as the writing is engaging, the plot hole is minor enough to be ignored. The encoder/decoder bracelet bits make me wonder how instant a communication method it is as well. That is, if it's just leaving messages to be played back later, then we could still have potential time skips like that without worry.

Hmmm. Movie-side guessing; it's a little hard to tell, but it seems like Edgar came up to ask Admiral Holdo something rather than having a back-and-forth like the comic. Maybe it's the body positioning? Holdo's only turning her head while Edgar's leaning a bit in panel three. If so, going to ask Rey to come back would be nice as then everyone would be in one place again later, but I don't get the sense that Edgar would make that kind of request. I'll bet he's asking what his good buddy Finn can do to help who's totally not suspiciously missing at the moment.


Admiral Holdo: I want everyone on this. Bring all suggestions to me for executive decision.
Admiral Holdo: Dismissed!
Admiral Holdo: Edgar, you’re with me.
Admiral Holdo: Your brother was the ideas man, and you’ve got the same look in your eye. Hit me with your best pitch.
Edgar: We need the First Order to stop chasing us. But we don’t have any technological solutions.
Admiral Holdo: Yes... That eye’s uncanny, actually.
Edgar: So we bribe them! Find a disgruntled mid-level officer, offer them more wealth than they can imagine to convince Hux to call off the chase.
Admiral Holdo: As your commander, it’s up to me to point out any potential flaws in your plan.
BB-8: {sotto voce} That’ll be a full-time job.
Edgar: None, right?
Admiral Holdo: I’m just deciding in what order to sort them.

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Published: Sunday, 11 June, 2023; 02:11:04 PDT.
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