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Episode 2318: You’ve Really Got a Holdo Enemy


Give your significant characters like leaders a distinctive look. You want to be able to spot them on the battlefield, and make it obvious that you're talking to someone worthy of deference and respect. Look at Padmé's outfits from Episode I. Not forgetting that one big advantage of defining a leader by their clothing is that some decoy can easily impersonate them by assuming the costume, and the true leader can go undercover simply by changing into civvies.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oooooor maybe not. I suppose there's plenty of room for Sally to throw a crazy plan out there as well. The GM better think quick to keep things going the way he's planned them to. Assuming he's got a plot laid out for the campaign anyway; playing everyone off of each other could work pretty well as a campaign even if there's multiple characters involved for individuals. For the movie plot though? I still think we're in the middle of a brainstorming session of what to do next or possibly it's shifted to "here's the new plan" with Holdo appearing.

I guess it's tradition now that the main leadership roles for the Rebellion/Resistance aren't uniforms. Holdo's outfit doesn't make me think Admiral however; it's more like Princess Leia's outfit in Episode IV, which was less of an action/in-charge outfit and more of a hostage one. And while the hair color is a uniqueness point in favor of Admiral Holdo sticking around for a while, that still isn't enough to get over the general vibe of "I'm just around for this scene; that is all" I'm feeling here. I am pretty sure that they're actually an Admiral though. With a few exceptions, like Kyle Katarn and Wedge's various shapes, The Irregulars have stuck with all of the original names for characters at the very least.


Larma D’Acy: The chain of command is clear.
GM: Sally, would you like to come up with a new character?
Admiral Holdo: Yeah! I’m Admiral Holdo! I have purple hair and wear a long, draping, dusky mauve gown that emphasises my regal bearing.
Edgar: Awesome!
Admiral Holdo: Right, listen up! There’s one thing that’ll get us out of this mess.
Edgar: A desperately audacious plan?
Admiral Holdo: Discipline!
Edgar: Right, yeah. That’s what I meant.
GM: Um. I meant a new character to act as an aide to the new commander.
Admiral Holdo: A true leader takes charge herself and doesn’t pass the buck!

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Published: Tuesday, 06 June, 2023; 02:11:07 PDT.
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