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Episode 2306: Spacial Delivery


If you want something annoying in your game world, just take inspiration from things that annoy people in real life and turn them into analogous situations.

Flight delayed? The captain of the sailing ship you booked passage on can't be found. He's probably drunk in some random tavern somewhere in the port city, and if he's not found soon, the ship will have to wait another 12 hours to sail on the next tide.

People blocking the footpath or walking too slowly? You're making good time along a trade road when you catch up to a long and slow-moving pilgrimage caravan. Every time you squeeze around one wagon, there's another one in front of you going just as slowly.

Spam/scams? While looking for your next likely adventure opportunity on a community noticeboard in the town square, you have to wade through dozens of other posters and flyers advertising amazing apprenticeship opportunities, dodgy "potions of eternal youth", "troll repellent", and strange pets for sale.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Looks like there's a holodisplay of the Raddus, so it's still being focused on by Hux. Concerned that the ship might not be capable of having a convincing escape from the Resistance's perspective perhaps? It definitely isn't fooling me if that guess at their intention is correct. They're definitely still shooting at the Raddus though, so there's still the chance that The First Order just wants these Resistance ships blown up.

Hmmm. I thought of another possibility for why Hux could have called Kylo off of the attack however. Hux definitely isn't in Administrator Snoke's good graces, right? He might think that this is a good opportunity to throw Kylo under the space-bus. I'm not sure if Snoke would fall for that, but assuming that list Kylo was told is somewhat close to movie dialogue, it could be just what Hux needs to deflect attention from his most recent failure.

Guessing aside? I'd be so frustrated with the First Order if I had a "delivery attempt" like this for a package. Not even the decency to try and wave hello as they go past. That said, I'd still prefer this to an orbital drop delivery. Imagine all the extra packaging you'd need to deal with to get your stuff!


General Hux: Can we catch them?
Captain Peavey: We have the raw speed, but they’re more manoeuvrable.
General Hux: Sooo...?
Captain Peavey: Whenever we get in range they can just dodge around another planet.
General Hux: Well, keep on their tail—
Captain Peavey: <snicker>
General Hux: Maybe they’ll run out of planets.
Captain Peavey: It’s a good thing we’re buzzing past multiple planets at high speed.
General Hux: How so?
Captain Peavey: We have millions of First Order home shopping packages to deliver.
Captain Peavey: We can just drop a bunch of cards saying we attempted delivery and they need to go to their nearest depot world to pick them up.

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Published: Tuesday, 09 May, 2023; 02:11:05 PDT.
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