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Episode 2279: The Milk Road


Food comes from living beings - creatures, plants, fungi, etc. So in a fictional world where you have fictional living things, you should expect that food might come from strange sources.

Milk has a strange mixture of grossness and wholesomeness to it. When you think about it, milk is one of the extremely few animal products whose biological function is to be eaten. Its evolutionary role is to provide nutrition to young animals. Honey could also fall into this category, being produced by bees specifically to serve as food.

If you want to add a bit of exoticness to your campaign world, consider where the food comes from, and make some of it a bit strange to highlight that this is not your usual Earth food sources.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Aheh. Aheh. Ahehehehehehe. Wow, okay. Sure, why not? Heck of a choice for a movie scene. Rey's face looks just like mine there. But I suppose it's fitting so we can see something of how Luke has been living here on the island, and that he's not really on his own except for those birds.

Hm, Sally's character portrait here is C-3PO. I wonder if we'll be heading back to the Resistance ship in the next comic or three? I think that would make the most sense for the next scene transition. The big question is are they off to try and start up a new Resistance base somewhere or will they be nomadic sparefarers for a while until Luke can get dragged off planet?

Oh jeez, I just noticed the green on Luke's beard too. Bleh; he's really letting himself go isn't he?


Luke: I traverse the rugged landscape of the island to the far shore.
Rey: So someone wanted to create... me. But... why?
Luke: I have no idea. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now.
Luke: We approach some thala-sirens. They’re walrus-like creatures.
C-3PO: With giraffey heads.
GM: Okay... Sure.
Luke: I fill my flask with green milk from one’s udder.
[SFX]: Squirt!
[SFX]: Slurp! {Luke drinks the green milk from the flask}
Luke: {grimacing} Doesn’t have the same flavour as blue, but it does the job. Here.
Rey: Can’t I just get caramel or something?

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Published: Tuesday, 07 March, 2023; 01:11:05 PST.
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