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Episode 2277: Force Grown


Ideally there should be some sort of logical in-world explanation for any abilities that a character has or anything that they do. But honestly, that sort of justification happens so rarely that it's actually unusual.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ahahaha! No explanation of who she's a clone of, but I'll take it! I'm pretty sure the shapeshifter wasn't Force sensitive, so that'd just leave..... Leia, Luke's sister! Ok, that might be too silly for the comic. But think of the extra jokes we could have if it's true!

And hey! Another identity name! I'd thought we'd seen the last of those when Han was killed, but I guess as long as Chewbacca is around, we'll occasionally get more.

So who would want a custom Force-user clone? Nute never used the Force at all, and even then, it'd almost be a complete downgrade from a cloud computing based entity. Though it wouldn't be the first time he's had a Force-user clone. Anakin? Presumably he's still out there somewhere, but it'd be hard to place an order as a ghost. It would make for an excellent reason for Mara and Luke to be targeted, and possibly another reason for comic-Luke to be hiding on a random island on an ocean planet.


Luke: Mara Jade and I got married. I thought we’d be happy. I was wrong.
Luke: Soon after you were born, the bounty hunter Gunner Groth came looking for her. She killed him, but more followed.
Luke: At first I thought it was old grudges from her time serving Karrde. But Han and Chewie did some nosing around—
Chewbacca: I think he was Marco back then.
Luke: They discovered Jade came from Kamino.
Rey: The cloner planet?
Luke: And there was no record of her anywhere before she joined Karrde, three years before I met her.
Rey: My mother was a clone!?
Luke: And she had a high midi-chlorian count, so someone wanted a custom-made Force user.
Rey: There you go, this is perfect!
GM: Huh?
Rey: An in-story explanation for why my character build is so optimal!

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Published: Thursday, 02 March, 2023; 01:11:02 PST.
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