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Episode 2267: The Porg is Flightier than the Sword


Fantastic but inoffensive creatures can add a lot of flavour to a fantasy or otherworldly setting. Not all creatures need to be monsters or deadly. The vast majority of creatures on Earth are innocuous, so it stands to reason that this could easily be the case on other worlds too. So include a few harmless critters with strange shapes or behaviours or colours to add some atmosphere.

The other advantage is that this lulls your players into a false sense of security when they visit a Death World.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ok, I suppose if he really wanted to, Luke could also catch some of these Porg birds to eat. They kind of look like rodent ducks, which wouldn't be the worst thing to eat. Though since they're poking around at a new shiny thing in their territory, maybe they're somewhat intelligent like crows, which feel less like a potential game animal in that case.

It probably never gets mentioned or even referenced to in the movie (because Star Wars isn't really self-referential like that), but it's neat having some small, obviously alien wildlife show up for background flavor. The frog thing is another example that comes to mind.

Presumably, this is Luke's X-wing fighter. I suppose it could have been covered by high tide by accident, but that feels less likely. It's more like it was just buried in the most convenient thing nearby, what with the lack of loose rocks or sand or swamp available. Assuming Lor San's line about traveling with Luke was close to the movie, I'd wonder why the X-Wing wasn't just flown back with Lor San if Luke wanted to stay here permanently. Also assuming it's part of the movie, does this repository need a living guard or something?


Rey: Okay, fine, I get it. I have to figure out how to open the door.
Rey: I look around for a key.
GM: <roll> You don’t see any.
Rey: Wait. I have an idea. I go back to look for the laser sword.
GM: <roll>... With some effort you spot the sword lying in a patch of grass overlooking a cliff that drops to the sea below. Porg birds regard it curiously.
[SFX]: honk honk honk
[SFX]: honk {a porg flies away as Rey reaches for the sword}
Rey: I grab it.
Rey: This should make fast work of that door.
GM: <roll>... As you momentarily sit and contemplate your place in the Galaxy, your eyes fall on a shape lying under shallow water just off shore.
Rey: Do I recognise it?
GM: It’s an X-wing fighter.
Rey: Hmm. Now I know where I inherited that “Never Gets a Good Parking Spot” flaw from.

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Published: Tuesday, 07 February, 2023; 01:11:03 PST.
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