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Episode 2259: Button Down the Hatches


Any simple task can be made harder. You can even make them epically difficult.

One way to do this is the chain of simple tasks. The heroes want to get a set of horseshoes. The blacksmith will only give them to them if they get him a date with the village witch. She'll agree to the date if the heroes can find her some wolfsbane. A wizard in a nearby tower has some, but he'll only give it to the heroes if they remove some pesky kobolds from his dungeons. The kobolds will agree to leave if the heroes can find them a nicer place to live...

You get the idea. Get creative.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Heh. Fair enough Pete, fair enough. Just keep this in mind when you're fighting to keep Rey from losing an arm or something while climbing or swimming later. With the MCU having a running theme of villains losing a limb around the same time, and Luke and Anakin also setting the same theme up in the Star Wars movies, I'm going to be shocked if Rey makes it through to the end of Episode IX without the same kind of amputation.

Definitely a dramatic scene, though I'm still not sure if the movie's earned it. Maybe there was a brief flashback or something that was cut? Something feels missing when I try and think of this sequence from a movie point of view. The button also seems like it's falling in slow motion up until it passes by Paige. It's also probably CGI until the last three panels, but even then the artists would probably put a blur on it if it was seen at full speed. And why have it be a button in the first place? Star Wars has kind of a grungy, used aesthetic to it; why isn't there a manual override or something to rip the wires out of for the release?

Hm, I guess the bomber does have one of those shields that keeps the air in. There couldn't be a risk of the button falling out into space if the bomb bay doors were closed, but Paige is obviously not suffocating to death here. I wonder if it's easier in the Star Wars universe to have that around the whole ship or multiple shield ports installed for the bombs to dispense out of. It's likely just a miniature force field door described in the movie extras design clip or something, sure, but those two options could be more interesting to think about.


GM: The button rocks unstably... pauses briefly on the verge of falling... <roll>...
GM: ... and topples into the shaft.
Paige: Yes!
GM: Now you have to catch it.
Paige: Easy.
GM: Lest it fall out the bomb doors into space...
Paige: Risk of catastrophic failure enhances the fun!
GM: Roll a fun d20, then.
Paige: 16!
GM: You catch the button.
[SFX]: grab!
Paige: Release the bombs! Too easy.
[SFX]: klik
GM: You just spent ten minutes trying to press a button. Want me to make it harder?

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Published: Thursday, 19 January, 2023; 01:11:08 PST.
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