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Episode 2226: Rey, Solo


When making a foray from a base camp, it's sensible to leave someone behind to guard the camp.

Except in a game, where whoever's left behind isn't joining in on the adventure. So maybe you leave nobody behind, and risk having your camp discovered and raided while you're away. Or you could leave a hireling to guard the camp, only to return to discover they've abandoned you and run off with your horses and gear.

Maybe suggest they leave the warlock's familiar behind. A trusted guardian who can look after things with no risk of betrayal, or any players missing out of the fun. And it's a good way to get that pesky familiar out of the way so they can't scout ahead and ruin all your planned ambush encounters.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah, of course that flaw would still be around. And good on the GM for insisting on it still being around even with Pete having another character. A flaw in name only would just be flavor, right?

But man, with how quick this is moving at the moment, I'm half expecting the last scene just to be a shot of Rey staring off across the ocean here while getting a vision of some kind. That'd feel like it'd be the only way to satisfyingly close out the movie. The other half of me expects her to stumble over a chest of some kind and find a riddle in a weird language locked inside and then we get a bunch more text stuff about that.

It also just struck me how odd it is to have the big send-off of the Resistance, and now here's a micro send-off of just Artoo and Chewie. And they shouldn't even need to exit the ship if they're just guarding it! Pull the ramp back up, fire up the lifeform and spaceship scanners, and just monitor for things that get close. Assuming those aren't broken from age or Han's attempts at repairs anyway.


GM: You approach Ahch-To, a shimmering blue ocean world.
Rey: Do I get some sort of Force Vibe of where to land?
GM: Funnily enough, Luke included a planetary map and coordinates in his log.
GM: You navigate to a group of small islands in the vast sea. There is a strong Force signature near the tall peak of the largest.
GM: The only parking spot you can find is right down by the water.
R2-D2: I, R2-D2, look for a better parking spot.
GM: That doesn’t work. It’s Rey’s ship.
Chewbacca: I shall remain here to guard the Falcon.
R2-D2: All right. I guess it’s me and Rey then.
GM: Steep stone steps scale the precipitous slope.
R2-D2: All right.
R2-D2: I guess it’s just Rey then.

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Published: Thursday, 03 November, 2022; 02:11:05 PDT.
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