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Episode 2224: The Persistence of Memories


When PCs get injured, realistically they will take some time to heal. A week or two of bed rest is not conducive to immediately rushing back out to confront the villain and their evil plans that won't take a break in the meantime.

There are a few options:

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

There's probably more to the log yeah, but there's more to Nute than just his digital presence. There's the middle-to-large organization of the First Order that he commands. Even if there's no evil librarians around (that let dogs in to chew on the marbles), there's probably enough minions around to either work without librarians or coerce them into making changes. And heck, it could also just be as simple as being too much work for people to reference the off-line records. If there's no reason to go through the arduous process of accessing them and making changes, why bother?

Also, no bacta tank for Finn? Maybe he wasn't injured enough to qualify. Luke got left out in the cold where plants couldn't grow, so maybe Finn isn't in as bad a condition.

So, I'm pretty sure that the party isn't really going to end up getting split up. Maybe the episode split is going to be the justification for how the party gets stuck back together? That feels like the most natural way to have the episode flow together if Pete really is going to run off in the Falcon now. In the movie though? I suspect that Rey isn't actually going to leave. It's the end of the movie and sure, we had the big map reveal, but that doesn't look like the face of someone who wants to immediately run off on a quest.


Caluan Ematt: You youngsters think you know everything.
Caluan Ematt: Nute Gunray’s digital presence alone couldn’t affect all cartography records.
Caluan Ematt: Old maps in independent collections. Memory marbles. How did he get to those?
Snap Wexley: He must have had help from some evil librarian!
Caluan Ematt: Mark my words. There is more in the log than just the map.
BB-8: Whatever’s going on, there are answers to be found at Ahch-To. It’s the clear quest hook.
Admiral Ackbar: Trapesing off again? What if it’s some form of cantrap?
R2-D2: Ony one way to find out. We head there.
C-3PO: But Finn is still unconscious.
Rey: Will he recover?
GM: Maybe. It could take a while.
Rey: Damn. Time is of the essence.
Rey: Only one thing for it. Split the party.
GM: I mean, he could be fine tomorrow!
Rey: I leave immediately.

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Published: Sunday, 30 October, 2022; 02:11:04 PDT.
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