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Episode 2221: Off: The Charts


People fiddling with data is always interesting and often scary. Just think about real world hacking incidents, where people's personal information gets leaked or stolen. Or modified. If you edit records, you can do almost anything.

This isn't restricted to technological settings either. Imagine magically rewriting property records or financial ledgers in a pre-technological campaign. You could change family and inheritance records, and put anyone you want on the throne.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Aww, poor Chewie. And he's too nice to backstab Rey to get the Falcon for himself either. And knowing the Irregulars (and Star Wars fan-writers), this Vrogas Vas is an actual story event Han and Chewie found themselves in at some point too.

Is this a part of the ending as well? This feels more like an extension of the earlier scene with R2-D2. Right down to the camera angles. I know Artoo's never communicated in more than beeps, but I can't say the same for BB-8. If they are the same, then this would have to be a part of the same scene, right, as then we'd have C-3P0 to translate or provide human speech for the viewers, right? What would we even get from "BB-8 looks at R2-D2 cameo" round 2?

So. Nute has integrated himself into the galactic network enough to mess with all of the nav charts. Ignoring the system Team Bad-Guy accidentally shot that isn't a part of this map, everything else would be an important place to Nute and the First Order, right? So what might these places be? Disney is probably going to use similar settings to Episodes V and VI given the parallels so far, so Ice planet, Gas planet, Swamp planet, and Jungle planet are highly likely. The Ice planet locale might already be covered by the Peace Moon though. Oh, and whatever we end up getting as another super weapon. The GM has been shown to reuse things frequently, so that would match up nicely for the comic as well.


Chewbacca: I can’t believe he left the Falcon to Rey.
GM: R2 has finally finished reintegrating the Galactic survey data.
Chewbacca: Was I not a steadfast companion—albeit oft maligned as a mere sidekick—through thick and thin?
R2-D2: Awesome! What do I find?
Chewbacca: And nests of wasp-worms that time on Vrogas Vas.
GM: The reintegrated map shows several inconsistencies compared to the standard published nav charts.
BB-8: So... what does that mean?
R2-D2: Someone did edit the nav charts. Nute Gunray is still out there, somewhere.
R2-D2: He’s done this for some dark purpose which we must endeavour to unravel, lest the fate of the Galaxy itself be imperilled.
R2-D2: But it also means something way more important.
BB-8: What?
R2-D2: I was right!

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Published: Sunday, 23 October, 2022; 02:11:03 PDT.
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