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Episode 2172: Dude, Where’s My Ship?


There's no such thing as too much sabotage! So going back to do more is always a good option.


Okay, we're sure you're now thinking of situations where that's not such a good idea. Well done! You're ready to run a game where the heroes might want to sabotage something.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

With the scene cuts and probable time skips, I don't think anyone knows where the Falcon is at this point! Which is actually quite reasonable for writing; it's one less thing to need to worry about. Shortcuts in world generation, whether it's for writing or for gaming, are necessary in order to have something useful at the end. All those little nitty-gritty details? Unless you're making a textbook or completely simulating something, that's not the point of the story!

With a Navigation skill of default, it's a good thing Annie trusted that the GM would just throw a town of some kind in the way back on Tatooine. Finn could have just wandered around for hours before dying of dehydration otherwise! That makes me wonder though; how bad is the Default skill level? Is it no better than flipping a coin in the end, or is there an expectation of routine tasks for each level? Now I'm imagining that someone with less than default could get lost on their way to their mailbox.

Huh. I just realized, things seem a lot brighter than I would have expected for the Peace Moon no longer having a sun or any obvious flood lights around. And I probably wouldn't have thought about this at all if we were looking at something that was obviously a spaceship. Even outside of Star Wars, most fictional spacecraft are going to be shown a lot brighter than they actually would in our universe after all. Most people would easily remember that space is really big, but how about dark? Pictures of dark or unlit spacecraft aren't as common for obvious reasons.


Rey: We need to go back in and do some more sabotage.
Finn: Chewie and Zeppo are about to blow the place up. We should just go to the Falcon.
Rey: Where is it parked?
Finn: You know, we got turned around so much I’m not sure.
Rey: How can you be sure you’re not sure?
Finn: I don’t have a good sense of direction!
GM: Finn’s Navigation skill is at default.
Rey: You should roll! You might get a natural 20.
Finn: 7.
Rey: Okay... We need a vantage point. Maybe we can spot it.
Finn: There’s a ladder here. I start climbing.
Rey: Hopefully they won’t blow it up too soon.
Finn: At least we’ll be warm.

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Published: Thursday, 30 June, 2022; 02:11:05 PDT.
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