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Episode 2166: Ready for Any Improbability


Seeing something familiar from the past can bring back a rush of memories and the idea that something is important to the adventure plot. If there's some significant object that played a part in a previous adventure, try throwing in some references to it in future adventures, or even having the object reappear.

With any luck it will instantly grab your players' attentions, and they will concentrate on investigating it and why it's turned up here again.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ahhh, so Pete isn't uncomfortable with things, but still wants to try and play on Team Good Guy and make sure Rey stays that way. Even if ____ and Chewie aren't anywhere close at the moment. Seriously; while there's not a ton of distance both groups could have run in, ____ and Chewie went through something blast-door-like and here Finn and Rey are still exposed to the outside. They're hardly a concern at the moment; plenty of time to notify the GM between now and a later meeting. Pete could even pull out a notecard or something!

Oh, well no wonder the First Order cared so much about keeping the small group away from the crashed ships. They didn't want the prototype getting into the Resistance's hands! Weirdly enough, this makes me think the modulator thing is an Irregular invention. Maybe it's the dialogue with the presentation of this device being more TTRPG type text and less punchy Star Wars technobable. If it isn't made up, I would have thought that any part of the hyperdrive would be closer to parts that look more important than some odd plumbing parts near an outside door. But what could stealing/breaking a hand-size device actually do to the moon? It's not like it could be a Lost Orb equivalent that could be exploded later, and there's a size difference to the moon of like 1 kg to 1 sextillion kg anyway. If the modulator thing is made up however, I'm not sure how that would square away with some of the other stuff we've seen before like Rey being on Tatooine looting star destroyer wrecks, or the tentacle alien splatting, or even the shield jumping thing. Hmmmm.


Rey: I’m keeping an extra careful eye on Finn and anything he might do to hurt Chewie or Zeppo.
GM: Do you want to prepare a Ready action?
Rey: I don’t want to shoot him. Unless he’s about to shoot them.
GM: Unless you think he’s about to shoot them. Got it.
Rey: Hmm. I guess I’ll deal with that when it happens.
Rey: Right, I look for some way to sabotage the megaweapon.
GM: <roll> Your eyes seem to glaze and after what feels like forever you realise they’re resting on a familiar looking truncated metal cone shape.
Rey: Wait, really? Can I pull it out?
[SFX]: yank!
GM: Yes. It’s a little smaller, but undeniably similar to the device you found on Tatooine.
Finn: What is it?
Rey: It looks like a smaller version of the hyperdrive modulator.
Finn: The Moon is hyperspace capable??
Rey: Either that or they can make all the molecules in everyone’s undergarments leap simultaneously one foot to the left.

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Published: Thursday, 16 June, 2022; 02:11:04 PDT.
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