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Episode 2140: Verser Vies


Some people just love getting into a fight. Even one they might not have much chance of winning. It's common for players in a game to be a bit gung-ho, and wade into combat, but they often expect that whoever is in their way will be somewhat less enthusiastic about it.

So try mixing it up a bit. Create a nemesis character who loves fighting even more than the players do. They will be keen to initiate fighting in any encounter, hopefully putting the heroes onto the back foot, if only briefly, as they won't quite be expecting the enemy to come at them so rapidly.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

This seemed like another poem the GM grabbed for use so I looked it up: Prometheus Unbound, by Shelley of the Ozymandias poem. No reason not to grab more of the same material for a character known for pontificating. A shame all the players (and myself) seem to have missed what the reference meant and needed it spelled out (and looked up).

I am curious why Phasma turned the shield off here. This seems like a weird way to resolve the issue of enabling the other Resistance spaceships to attack. None of the things I mentioned in the last comic commentary would be changed by the movie plot as far as I can tell, and it does look like Phasma was the one that did something to turn it off. That's a for sure at least; there's almost nothing else that would explain the red line triangles disappearing along with the blue wireframe vanishing over the Peace Moon shape after Phasma stands up from the console and turns around.

Predictions for what happens next: a debate about just shooting Phasma which Chewie shortcuts by just pulling the trigger, this leads to a stand-off with Han/Zeppo and Finn the Heisenberg traitor pointing guns at each other, Rey listens in on the command center somehow before shooting at Hux (perhaps just after Kylo stomps into the room), and the Resistance starts attacking to give us the climactic ending fight we've been waiting for.


Chewbacca: We need that shield down. The attack fleet will be here soon.
General Phasma: Threatenedst to muffle round with black destruction, sending
General Phasma: A solid cloud to rain hot thunder-stones
General Phasma: And splinter and knead down my children’s bones,
General Phasma: All I bring forth, to one void mass battering and blending.
Finn: What?
General Phasma: I have lowered the shield.
General Phasma: Even as a vulture and a snake outspent
General Phasma: Drop, twisted in inextricable fight,
General Phasma: Into a shoreless sea! Let hell unlock
General Phasma: Its mounded oceans of tempestuous fire,
General Phasma: And whelm on them into the bottomless void.
Zeppo: Huh?
General Phasma: Need I deign to prosify?
Zeppo: Uh...
General Phasma: I welcome your puny attack and shall triumph with ease!
Zeppo: That’s better!

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Published: Sunday, 17 April, 2022; 02:11:08 PDT.
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