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Episode 2104: Us Like Spies


Maps are always intriguing, and never more than when you have no idea where it leads. Following a map can be a whole adventure in itself, and even just deciphering a map so you can follow it can also be an adventure. And then there's what happens once you reach the end, which is probably another adventure.

Now imagine what happens when a group of heroes finds a cache of dozens of mysterious maps. That's a whole campaign, right there.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Yeah, Poe Allan totally doesn't know anything about this map, guys. Honest! He's totally not trying to show he's brainwashed or anything! I suppose that since there's only Corey and Pete playing only Resistance characters (and Pete isn't on the scene), nobody is thinking about calling Allan or Finn out on their bad duplicity. Chewbacca I would have expected to raise a concern, being one of the more intelligent characters. BB-8 at the very least should have had a complaint about anyone trying to take the map from him assuming R2 getting the map didn't count. At least as a droid, BB has the best chance of surviving getting torn to pieces.

Poe's gotta be a better actor in the movie than Jim is here. I'm guessing he's another mostly suave and sometimes funny character like Han Solo was in Episodes IV-VI, which is why Jim was picked to have him as his character in the comic. Jim being a traitor again, even what appears to be a somewhat unwilling one, would just be a major bonus.

Hm, I wonder how much information exactly is needed in order to "pass on" the curse. BB-8 may or may not be doomed from before; will the whole Resistance be doomed as different people learn about the map? Does R2-D2 need to finish reintegrating the information before that's a danger? Maybe there is no actual "doom mark" and it's just something else that's causing the deaths. Evil Anakin Force ghost haunting the chip anyone? That would at least give a way to banish the doom in the future.


Snap Wexley: In other news, R2-D2 is reintegrating nav data to resolve the discrepancies in Luke’s map.
Allan: Map? Tell me more about this map that I don’t know anything about.
Snap Wexley: Your brother Poe gave it to BB-8 before he died. Apparently it’s cursed. Whoever passes it on is doomed.
Kaydel Ko Connix: {in background} I wonder if Rey ever passed that map on.
Allan: Cool. I can look after it. Just give it to me.
Snap Wexley: It’s useless as it is. And since the Resistance has it now you may well be dooming the entire Resistance.
Allan: Ah. Well. Obviously I don’t want that.
Finn: Yeah. None of us here do.
Kaydel Ko Connix: {in background} I wouldn’t have that luck.
Allan: Right. Clearly none of us are spies. So let’s start planning secret military stuff.
Allan: Got anything juicy?
Zeppo: I like this guy!

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Published: Sunday, 23 January, 2022; 01:11:05 PST.
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