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Episode 2076: The Parent Rap


A relatively common possible interaction between PCs that can potentially be problematic is that of superior and underling, or boss and employee, or high rank and low rank. If one player character has authority over another, then you run the risk of the authority figure giving orders, which the other PC has to follow or risk being pinged for insubordination. Nevertheless, this structure can sometimes be found in gaming groups.

A less common one is having two players roleplay the relationship of parent and child. It has many of the complications of the above-mentioned authority issue, but it's toned down. A child can get away with disobedience and it's not as serious a problem. So in a very real way, this is a better relationship for use in gaming.

It's probably not seen or considered as much because roleplaying the intergenerational age gap can seem daunting, or not even something that many players would envisage doing. So maybe try a game where two PCs are parent and child, and see what develops.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hahaha! I can totally hear both of those lines in C-3PO's voice. I think they might have even been lines from Episode IV, replacing R2-D2 for BB-8 of course.

Ah, so that robot must have been shapeshifted Wedge. Which probably means that that's either a different potential Resistance character* or a villain whose comic appearance is friendly instead. I can't tell which would make more sense from a movie perspective; an angular hazardous-looking robot like that feels too villainy just from the appearance (like Bib), but then how does the Resistance know to come save them here just in time? Message sent off by one of the main characters before landing? Kanata broadcasting a distress signal? Some of the other background aliens? Just a plot hole?

Concerned with saving people on the ground; that actually makes more sense for why Kylo was let go even with the apparent advantage. Better to briefly chase off the ships and then return to clean up any troopers that were left behind. Hmmm. That actually feels too thinky/wordy for a Star Wars movie, so now I'm suspicious that that's actually an Irregular creation. Similar but shorter phrasing perhaps? I frequently need to remind myself that comic dialog is, of course, different than the movies (sometimes extremely so), but I think there's usually been close similarities to the overall plot when the visual component becomes complex. Like the whole assassin droid chase scene or the hyperdrive/ship having problems.

* I haven't seen the movie Rogue One either and don't plan to until Episode IX finishes.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

[Keybounce's comments will appear here when received.]


C-3PO: Well! How rude.
C-3PO: Come along BB-8.
Leia: So, Zeppo. Where’s Rey?
Zeppo: She got captured by Kylo Ren.
Leia: You let our daughter get captured?!
Zeppo: I didn’t give her permission. She is so grounded when she gets home.
Leia: You should have reported in! It’s lucky Wedge spotted you and let us know, otherwise you could be dead!
Finn: Why did you let Ren go?
Leia: We were more concerned with saving people on the ground, where we thought you’d be. Who are you, anyway?
Zeppo: He’s Finn. He’s probably a double agent for the First Order.
Leia: Right. Anything else I should know?
Zeppo: I could really use a drink. With an umbrella in it.

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Published: Thursday, 18 November, 2021; 01:11:04 PST.
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