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Episode 2074: A Little Bit of Monicker in My Life


Keeping older characters around in a campaign setting is good in many ways. It provides a sense of continuity when new PCs can meet the characters that the players played in previous adventures. The older characters can act as mentors or patrons, or powerful leaders who may be too powerful for use as a full-time PC any more.

So when you retire a set of PCs in favour of a new generation of adventurers, consider the possibilities of having the younger heroes meet their predecessors in some way. They don't even need to meet. If your first adventure featured the heroic warrior Talitha, then maybe when Talitha retired she became a local noble, ruling a small fiefdom. Then anyone adventuring in later years would know of the Lady Talitha, even if they never encounter her.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

There's the Princess appearance I was expecting! I was not, however, expecting C-3PO showing up here as well. A drop ship is not a good place for a weaponless protocol droid, much less an active combat zone. To be fair, the drop ship did show up just after the First Order left, but that would mean it had to continue arriving to the fight while it was going on.

Princess was a little confusing, but even though it was a cool unique aspect to the Darths comic, it was still rather undignified. Odds on C-3PO having a different comic name* now too? Even a new nickname for a comic or two would be amusing.

And we've learned another identity name! I think we might be up to 10 stolen identities now, if not more. Maybe we'll get some more info about the adventures of Waldo Romeo Zeppo to explain what he's been up to since leaving the Resistance base the last time as well.

* I don't get the transcript with the comics.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

[Keybounce's comments will appear here when received.]


GM: Resistance troops disperse to secure the area.
GM: Their commander emerges from the ship. It’s Princess!
Leia: I’m Leia now.
Leia: That Princess thing was confusing, and I’m happy to reclaim the name that my mother, Padmé, gave me.
Zeppo: Neat!
Leia: So, Waldo. Why didn’t you check in with Resistance command?
Zeppo: I’m Zeppo now.
Leia: Did you steal another identity?
Zeppo: Nnno...
Chewbacca: Try another three.
C-3PO: Goodness! Romeo!
Chewbacca: And for you, another eight.

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Published: Sunday, 14 November, 2021; 01:11:11 PST.
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