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Episode 2051: Rubble Rubble, Your Place Is A Mess


Always make NPCs feel uncomfortable. Even if they haven't done anything wrong.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

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Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Aha, it was Kylo! And this also handily explains why the planet wasn't blown up; it's hard to find something like a map when the planet it's on has been blown to smithereens. These troopers and PIE fighters really made quick work of the bar. They're also interestingly still flying around in the sky by the looks of it; there's not much left for them to do I suppose except look menacing, do a worse job of looking for survivors... prevent other ships from taking off. Hm. Well, I bet we'll be seeing another Falcon-PIE chase scene soon then!

Also interesting is that Rey isn't mentioned as one of the objectives. And that it's Han Solo, not Yanni or some other name. I bet this sergeant doesn't last that long for making these assumptions. Evil empire minions aren't usually selected for their initiative, and accidentally acting contrary to the leader's goals is a good way to quickly buy the farm. No guarantee that any of their objectives are still under this rubble pile either; a decent bar would have at least a back door to slip out of when things get too hot.


GM: The bar is now smouldering rubble. Yanni, Chewie, and Finn are trapped in the basement with Darth Kanata.
GM: Kylo Ren emerges from his shuttle. Sally?
Kylo Ren: I stride purposefully up the stairs to survey the carnage.
[SFX]: pow!
GM: A trooper sergeant reports:
Trooper Sergeant: Target eliminated, all occupants buried, sir!
Kylo Ren: What made you think the target was the building?
Trooper Sergeant: Er...
Kylo Ren: Our objectives are to find our agent, Han Solo, and the map to Luke Amidala. Any sign of those?
Trooper Sergeant: We’ve narrowed down their location, sir!

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Published: Tuesday, 21 September, 2021; 04:38:23 PDT.
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