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Episode 2046: Duck, Duck, Choose


If the prophecy doesn't fit, just try wedging it in somewhere. People will justify anything to make it look like prophecies have come true. Just look at Nostradamus, or the Prophecy of the Popes.

So, as another tool for using prophecies in a game, you can just make up any old vague, cryptic statements about what may come to pass. And then after whatever major event does end up happening in your campaign, driven by the players in a completely unrelated way, just interpret the prophecy so that it fits.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hahaha! Kanata really wants to get rid of that laser sword. If he's been plagued by visions from it, that's really no surprise. I wonder if he's tried to pass it off to just about everyone he's met so far with a similar story, but the laser sword just keeps coming back like that dang cat.

There's no reason someone can't find out that they're the Chosen One when they're old and grey. They're probably a lot more emotionally stable, they've got a lot more free time, and they'll have gotten to know a lot of people over the years. The bigger reason Han Yanni can't be the Chosen One? He should have found that out at any point after Luke learned Anakin was his father, before now.

New guy Finn is totally gonna end up using this laser sword; hopefully with better results than game-Han Solo. Even without the Force to guide the blade so you can't hit yourself swinging it around, a tool that can cut through almost anything is still incredibly useful. Opening locked doors, opening locked chests, cutting up materials to carry or building with, starting fires... Ok, it's not a do-everything sort of tool, but laser swords/lightsabers never seem to need recharging and the blade doesn't need maintenance.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

[Keybounce's comments will appear here when received.]


Darth Kanata: I lead the others down to the basement.
Darth Kanata: This way. I have something very important for you.
Finn: We need to get out of here...
Yanni: I hope it’s that drink.
{Darth Kanata retrieves the sword from the box and holds it out to Yanni}
Darth Kanata: This laser sword. It calls to you.
Darth Kanata: There used to be a prophecy. Of a Chosen One who would bring Balance to the Force.
Yanni: You mean Anakin? Luke’s father?
Darth Kanata: Yes! You should know there’s a second part to the prophecy. About one who will restore imbalance.
Darth Kanata: If you know Luke, that one could be you.
Chewbacca: If he was the Chosen One, wouldn’t he have found out before he got old and grey?
Darth Kanata: Hmmm. Good point.
{Darth Kanata turns to Finn}
Darth Kanata: This laser sword. It calls to you.

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Published: Thursday, 09 September, 2021; 02:11:04 PDT.
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