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Episode 1957: Shokugeki Literature Club


If you come up with a fantastical name for someone or something in a game or other work of fiction, try running it past a couple of people first to make sure it doesn't sound like something you didn't intend.

We're assuming whoever came up with the name of Kanjiklub didn't follow this advice. No other explanation makes sense.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

"When all else fails, complicate things".

Seriously, as a GM, there is nothing wrong with tossing so many new NPCs and factions at the players, that they can't keep track of the names, fail to notice that "Ballistic" isn't the actual name, or even that "Kanji Club" - BB-8 has never shown signs of hearing problems yet, and I believe that's Sally under the mask at the end? Clearly these names are too close to real-life names.

No, seriously, don't. I tried a scenario once where I had two similar-named but opposing sides just to make fun of the idea. It was confusing to the players and they told me so.

Now, somehow, two different groups got docking permission, and came aboard even though only one ship was seen by the external cameras. And, this bigger ship seems to be completely without any sorts of defenses, or even sane access design. Two enemy ships able to dock, unchallenged, in a way that the ship's people cannot really defend/repel invaders? Who designed this ship, X-Com?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh. Oh dear. We are running into a Gambit Pileup. On the plus side, they don't all want Xasha Vittorio Umberto Taleggio Sergio Han Solo Jim's character dead. I'm guessing we'll end up seeing at least one or two more groups show up before the end of this scene. Possibly during the shootout between the Guavians and the Kanjiklub while the party is running away. Jim's character seems to have skipped over W for people bent on revenge of some kind, maybe they're late to the party? And there's still nine other possible names to have referenced since Episode VI, so there's plenty of room for extra future confusion.

And I guess BB-8 stayed with the group and above the floor grate. That's too bad, but I guess it makes more sense in the movie to keep them all together. The space gangs all showing up in this flying spaceship hangar is rather odd and almost feels a bit contrived, especially with how quickly they're all converging here. Maybe the movie makes more sense here for this plot point? Then again, having the First Order show up and be the obvious villains for the movie for the first hour or something, then pivoting to gangs all going after a character that hadn't shown up before now... Maybe not.


Bala-Tik: Now, are you going to come peacefully to your wedding, or do we get the shotguns out?
GM: Another group appears at the opposite end of the corridor.
[SFX]: shwoosh
Tasu Leech: Sergio! You are a dead man! We’re here to avenge our gang leader! You murdered Taleggio!
Chewbacca: Taleggio?
Tasu Leech: Yeah, he replaced Big Michael, who used to be top banana.
Xasha: Are you selling fruit too?
Tasu Leech: No. I’m Tasu Leech, of Kanjiklub.
BB-8: Kanji Club?
Kylo Ren: They started learning Space Japanese, fell in with a bad crowd of anime fans, and turned to crime.
BB-8: Ah, a timeless classic.
Kylo Ren: This is why people get me to help with worldbuilding.
BB-8: <cough!>

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Published: Sunday, 14 February, 2021; 01:11:06 PST.
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