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Episode 1950: It’s Totally Unim-Portent


Every now and then you should just randomly tell your players that their characters "sense something weird". Like a creepy feeling for no apparent reason, or the hairs stand up on the back of their neck, or they get the sense that someone is watching them, even though they can't see anyone.

Real people get these feelings every now and then for no good reason at all. It should certainly happen to RPG characters too! You're just simulating reality, after all.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ahahaha! I have missed how expressive Harrison Ford is in the movies. This is such a range of emotions displayed compared to the other actors so far; I bet he had a lot of fun acting as Han Solo again. I think he enjoyed playing as Indiana Jones in the Crystal Skull movie, but any possible actors/actresses that I knew about for Star Wars were on the list of "avoid for spoiler potential" so I have no idea if that was actually the case or not.

Going to check out the engines seemed very odd and excuse-like at first, then I thought about it more. The Falcon was effectively drifting in space after the old hyperdrive modulator blew up. Since Xasha and Chewbacca tractor beamed the ship to pull it inside, there wouldn't have been any signs that the ship was still mostly fine. As Xasha still thinks of the ship as his, he'd want to make sure it still works properly.

This line I remember! Though it's interesting that it's shown up here with the not-Force user Xasha versus the original movie Darth Vader. I wonder what that could mean; the GM doesn't usually drop things like this for no reason. Maybe Anakin's been haunting the ship? That would be a little odd, but that's the only thing I can think of at the moment besides some movie thing we haven't seen yet, like if Kylo Ren is trying to use Force-ESP to locate the ship.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Ok, this is pretty good indication that this is the real thing. The check for engines still there, bafflingly taking the wrong turn somehow on a ship that small (EDIT: Apparently not-so small, see the floorplan. Did you have any idea the ship was that big? Looks like it's at least a 6-person ship. I still can't find the bathroom anywhere, they must be well hidden. So hide in the bathrooms next time perhaps?), and not even knowing what your omen was for.

What did I say about the Naruto test?

This looks like a "tribute porn" scene, a large amount of film time on an old star. (There's probably a better name for this, I'm going from "scenery porn" when you have massive shots of landscapes.)

But, it would be really hard to be a good shapeshifter smart enough to imitate someone, and still act dumb enough to imitate someone. Remember, Jim plays these characters dumb because he's trying to give his brain down time. It would be hard to duplicate this accurately.

Seriously, playing a character as dumb is hard. Imagine managing to point out to the GM and the other players all the mistakes you made, because making them deliberately and then pointing out what was done was the only way I managed to play a dumb character.


Xasha: I’m gonna go check out the engines.
Chewbacca: You have never known how to operate this ship. What would you look for in the engines?
Xasha: I want to make sure they’re still there.
GM: You make a wrong turn and end up in the cockpit.
GM: It looks just as baffling as you remember.
GM: <roll> You sense something... A presence you’ve not felt since...
Xasha: Since what?
GM: You’re not sure. A memory or an omen...? The feeling passes.
Xasha: Ah. Probably nothing then.
Rey: How can you say that’s nothing? An omen is ominous!
Xasha: Not really.
Rey: I never thought I’d see peril due to poor etymology skill.

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Published: Thursday, 28 January, 2021; 01:11:04 PST.
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