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Episode 1915: Hide and Souk


If you find yourself in a tight situation, you may need to try to find some weapons. You can improvise with bar stools and bottles or whatnot, but it's always good to find something that is actually intended to be used as a weapon.

On the flip side... if the place you're hiding in has an antique flintlock rifle on the wall, or perhaps a halberd that you've never trained in using, you might be better off using a bar stool or a bottle.

GMs: keep that in mind when deciding if there are any handy weapons available to tempt your players with.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

The last time we saw a "dead" character speaking from off screen, the rumors of their death were premature. So seeing Poe talking from offscreen is a good indication that they're still alive somewhere. More evidence for the "ejector seat shot him somewhere before the crash" theory.

Finn alternates between "We need to find blasters" and "we need to ditch these troopers". Losing them by finding a good hiding place isn't the same as finding good weapons. But at least the three of them seem to be starting to make some friendship.

I'm curious how much time they can get by hiding in a tent. Can't be more than a few seconds before the troopers are on you, and those "walls" look flimsy-frabric-ish like the blasters can just shoot right through with no protection - which would imply no time saved. So why aren't the troopers firing randomly into the tent to try to shoot their target? Are they actually trying to aim accurately, and be precise in their shots, like Old Ben implies in Episode IV?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Ah, good instruction to the squad (by Hux presumably) to implicate that someone is defecting away from the First Order. That'll help Finn's story that he's on the run from them. I'm curious why Rey and BB-8 are being included as targets though Movie-wise. Were they recognized as part of the Resistance group? Or was it just Finn that was pointed out, and Rey just happens to be against any actions by the First Order and in the same place as Finn? Comic-wise, they're included as targets simply by virtue of being the other PCs, so that's an obvious after meta reason.

Lying low could work well, except the trio was likely seen running into the tent. If there's no hidden method to leave, then that just ensures they'll eventually be found as the tent is turned inside-out while the troopers continue hunting. If the PCs continue running, there's no guarantee they'll not be spotted and shot. And the troopers might simply burn the tent down if searching is too much work; we already know that the First Order is quite fine with massacring large groups of people, so staying in one place isn't much of an option.

Finding blasters seems quite unlikely though. Or at least, finding blasters that are still functional. With how common anti-grav tech supposedly is in this universe and the lack of it here in Niima, I bet we'll see some uncommon method of taking out the attacking troopers rather than having a proper shootout. A surprise attack through a hanging cloth could work to incapacitate the pair if the troopers get too close. Or perhaps Jim swoops in with Poe suddenly shown as alive, or a new character he's made, to save the day with some blaster guns.


Trooper 1: You won’t escape, defector!!
Rey: This way!
[SFX]: Pow! Pow!
Rey: Into this tent!
Finn: We need to find some blasters!
Poe: {dead} Now we’re talking!
Rey: We need to lie low!
Finn: You, check out over there! Droid, see if there’s anything we can use as a weapon!
Rey: My name’s Rey!
BB-8: And I’m BB-8.
Finn: Finn. Pleased to meet you. Now, unless we ditch these troopers I think this is the beginning of a really short friendship!

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Published: Sunday, 08 November, 2020; 01:11:19 PST.
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