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Episode 1913: Resistance is Brutal


Antagonistic forces will often use the tool of propaganda to paint the enemy as worse than they really are. In game terms, this could be described as a form of Reputation, with the complication that it may be partly or wholly undeserved.

Consider how you might use propaganda in a game setting. In a modern campaign, there can be the usual political targets and motivations - but also think about how they might map to a non-technological or fantasy world. Perhaps the ruler of one province spreads lies about the ruler of the next province over, of being in league with demons or faeries. Maybe a necromancer spreads lies about herself to boost her reputation for being a person you don't want to cross.

This leads to the idea that information about potential rivals or adventure goals can simply be wrong, because people deliberately spread lies about them. False rumours have been a staple of adventures since the earliest days of Dungeons & Dragons published adventures, but rather than simply have them be wild rumours, think about where those false rumours have come from, and why. Who has the most to gain from spreading these lies, and how have they planted them?

Tracking down the source of propaganda could even be an adventure in itself. Perhaps a king or queen wants some adventurers to find out who has been spreading dirty lies about them, and put a stop to it.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

So what is that staff, anyways? It's a lot more than just a stick - it's got all sorts of things and changes in exterior and grip at different locations on it. This closeup really shows some of this.

What is it? Is there some sort of power generator inside there, that can be discharged later? Can you imagine if somehow, out of nowhere, later on in this movie campaign, we see Rey discharge a massive energy blast out of the end of it? Yea, that's as unexpected as something like a flying robot, isn't it?

Now, what kind of information can Finn give?

"I was in a group assigned to wipe out a village. I stopped, not because wiping out a village was wrong, but because I wanted to avenge my friend who died, and none of the villagers were armed. So someone in that village was armed, and killed my friend, so I have to kill them in return."

I mean, it's not like Rey would know that Poe was at the village and all the villagers were unarmed, right? Yea, someone in the group needs to make an in-character Deduction roll.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Rey/Pete is definitely trying to keep Finn/Annie on their toes here. Rey's handing Finn basically all the lines he'd need to be saying to try and join up, but putting them out there in such a way as to make the lines seem sarcastic or not entirely genuine. The choice of expressions just nail it in the comic too. Tone doesn't carry well in text, but I personally would be very suspicious of someone talking to me with a face like the 5th panel's. The last line just seals the whole thing, making it even less obvious that Pete's telling the truth about any of the parts of what he just said or the Resistance.

I'm sure Rey would only eat babies on a technicality if that's actually true. Pretty sure. Veal, for an Earth example, is baby cow meat. For someone as good as Pete is at min-maxing, I bet he could find a combo where Rey is known for eating babies, but never actually eats what people would think of as a baby. That could be a reasonable trade off compared to something like always rhyming, with a bonus of being able to fool people with a completely true statement. Pretty sure that someone will pick up on a lie you're going to tell soon? Throw the baby-eating line in and make it harder to judge which part's actually the lie!


BB-8: We really have to get back to the Resistance.
Finn: You guys are with the Resistance?
BB-8: Obviously.
Rey: Yeah, lucky you ran into us.
Finn: Uh... yeah?
Rey: So you can defect! We’ll take you to them. They’ll want to ask you a lot of questions. We could use inside information on the First Order.
Finn: Right... Yes...
Finn: I can definitely give you valuable inside information.
Finn: You need me alive. And you won’t need to torture me.
Rey: The Resistance doesn’t torture anyone.
Finn: The First Order says you torture all your prisoners...
Rey: I do eat babies, though.

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Published: Tuesday, 03 November, 2020; 01:11:19 PST.
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