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Episode 1889: Averred in a Gil-dead Rage


While friendships may be best based on honesty, you can get a lot of dramatic tension if people aren't entirely honest with one another. An adventuring party in a roleplaying game will often default to working together and sharing information because that's the way a lot of people naturally play a cooperative game.

But to spice things up, consider having some minor secrets from one another. It doesn't have to be full-on "I'm secretly working for the enemy and will betray the party" dramatics. That and complete cooperation are two ends of a continuum, and there's plenty of scope for interesting stuff in the middle, and even close to the cooperative end.

For example, everyone really is working together, but may have a secret or two that could pop up at an inconvenient time and complicate things. The fighter hasn't told the rest of the party about the crime lord that she owes 1000 gold coins to, because she's hoping to just collect enough in her share of the treasure to pay off the debt. But when the party returns to town with less than the required amount, maybe she's tempted to lift a few extra coins, or maybe they have a run-in with some street toughs looking to collect.

Maybe the wizard secretly has a child, living with a grandparent. He visits his child now and then in between adventures, but one day he gets news that something has happened while in the middle of an adventure, and has to decide whether to run home or not.

Maybe the rogue is secretly the daughter of a noble, who took up a life of adventuring as an act of rebellion. The noble wants to find her and bring her back home, so agents of the noble might pop up unexpectedly at the worst possible moments.

When such secrets come up during game play, the player will have to decide if the character will either continue lying about it and try to invent some sort of cover story to explain their actions, or will reveal the secret to their fellow adventurers. And if they reveal it, how will their friends react?

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

I have a theory. These two are forced together for most of this movie, and continue to be "thorns in each other's side" for the rest of the trilogy. That makes them the perfect pair for the married couple to roleplay. Let them start with a dislike of each other. Married couple? They'll be best-buds by the end of the trilogy, just like a cop movie.

Beyond that? "Go to sleep cabin boy, most likely kill you in the morning." Oh wait, that was an intermission movie, wasn't it?

Possible title: Marriages need honesty too.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Flying is definitely easier than landing. I think this might be true for any flight-capable ship; the most dangerous part of flying in a commercial airplane is the landing after all. And as I've yet to see a TIE (or PIE) fighter actually land somewhere, I bet they're not actually designed to land on the ground and are instead grabbed by an overhead crane of some kind in a hangar. They're probably going to end up crashing back on Tatooine, likely near Niima by total "coincidence", because the GM needs a way to try and keep most of the party together where possible.

Hm. Finn seems really hyperfocused on Gil and his death. Sure Poe didn't have a great response, but even assuming that the villagers were completely helpless and were unable to kill any of the troopers somehow, I find it hard to believe that BB-8 didn't kill anyone with the point-defense gun. I suppose that Poe could be technically faulted for those deaths too, but he only admitted to one killing and not that the X-wing was his.

I guess Jim's confident that he'll be able to bring Finn around, or at least kill Finn before Finn gets Poe. Realistically, I give Poe better odds here. The brainwashing was only to support the First Order, not Finn, so when Finn looks to be a liability, Poe can probably twist killing him into something that helps the overall spying mission out.


[SFX]: vreeeeooooowww... {the PIE fighter dodges a turbolaser shot}
[SFX]: Pow!
Finn: Wow, you really can fly a PIE fighter.
Poe: Fly, yes. Land, no.
Finn: What?!
Poe: I’m used to X-wings.
Finn: X-wings? Wait, were you captured in a village on Tatooine?
Poe: Last night. Why?
Finn: My buddy, Gil. He was there last night. Did you kill him?
Poe: I killed one person; maybe it was him. A lot of killing happened that night. How many of my friends did you kill?
Finn: You killed everything I ever cared for. So when this mission is over, I’ll kill you.
BB-8: Why would you admit to that?!
Poe: Friendships are best based on honesty.
BB-8: Friendships are best based on not killing your friend’s buddies!
Poe: Plenty of time for that later.

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Published: Tuesday, 08 September, 2020; 03:11:21 PDT.
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