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Episode 1869: Operational Net Loss


"Who's asking?" is a good comeback for virtually any question posed to you by someone you don't know.

Just be very careful to look for signs that the person you're speaking to isn't, say, the king of the kingdom you've just entered. A lack of attendant knights and those guys with long trumpets with banners on them (a.k.a. buisines) is generally considered a good sign.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Even considering the previous strip as well as this one, I still cannot make sense of Teedo. Rey has been here long enough to claim that downed walker as home. Just look at all the furnishing and scratch marks. Teedo knows who Rey is, and presumably, where Rey lives. Teedo went near Rey, knowing what Rey was like. I cannot help but think that Teedo has lost other equipment to Rey over the years.

Are we certain that he's not courting her? That's making more and more sense the more I see here.

All right. Rey just salvaged a strange cone (that's confidential character information), and now has to salvage... a pilot? A droid? A whole mission? Salvaging the pilot? Salvaging the remains/loot from the treasure map?

We're not yet clear on Rey's thinking. We know Rey plans to be gone tomorrow (from what she told the old stranger that she did not recognize, that apparently has been here for a while... Rey doesn't really have any social skills, does she?). We know that she now has two missions - whatever her plan for dealing with / selling / cashing in on the power of the plot McGuffin cone, and "rescue the party" / "begin the treasure map".

... This is Pete. Will he actually rescue the party? It was in character for R2—remember how he complained when he was trying to act out of character to let people know something was up?—but is it in character for Rey when Pete has already expressed interest in playing Team Evil? Oh no...

Rey's got an excuse to go after the First Order, with BB-8. Rey wants to play on Team Evil. Why does BB-8 want to trust Rey again?

Prediction: BB-8 will be brought to his "pilot", but his pilot is now working deep infiltration... oh dear, this plot is getting more and more fractured. How badly will this party be split?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh there we go, and an excellent threat to encourage Teedo continue wandering off to wherever as well. Nobody wants to bother the Hutts when they might be in the wrong, it seems. That said, a small outpost doesn't seem like the place the Hutts would live in, so this kinda feels a bit like a bluff that worked.

And wow, definite confirmation that Han and Leia are married there. I wonder if Rey is on bad terms with the rest of her family, seeing as she's been out here on Tatooine in an Imperial dumping ground for a long time, possibly with no communication. She does know that Luke disappeared at some point, though that could have been before she was born. I'd say Rey looks to be in her early 20s, so it's possible Luke disappeared a year or two after she was born. That'd put Luke having been gone for roughly 23-25 years if that's the case. It could be much less of course, but then Luke would have had to not tell anyone where he was going which doesn't seem like Luke.

I suppose it could have been called a salvage mission, but personally I would have called Poe's mission an intelligence mission rather than a salvage one. Salvage applies to inanimate objects right? So this can't be a salvage mission, as descriptors like animate and inanimate don't apply as information doesn't quite have a physical form to be described as such. Or a rescue mission, seeing how it went sideways and Poe got captured.

On an in-universe detail note, it's too bad we didn't get a better view of the front of this luggabeast. The giant metal box makes me think of the cockpit of the chicken walkers, but there's not quite enough of a match on the parts on the side to be sure of a match or not.


Teedo: Hey, you owe me for that net!
Rey: Consider it the cost of being a jerk, and be thankful I don’t turn you in to the Hutts!
GM: <roll>...
Teedo: Okay, fine. Don’t get your server cables in a knot.
BB-8: Thanks, Rey. You are Rey Solo, right?
Rey: Who’s asking?
BB-8: BB-8. I’m with the Resistance. I have a chip with Luke Amidala’s expedition log and a map to Ahch-To.
Rey: You know where my uncle Luke is?
BB-8: Well, I know where he’s been.
Rey: What are you doing wandering the Tatooine desert alone?
BB-8: My pilot got captured by the First Order.
Rey: Ugh. Another salvage mission.

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Published: Thursday, 23 July, 2020; 03:11:20 PDT.
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