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Episode 1867: Pawn to BB-8


If you're racing to some sort of commotion, always have a ready weapon in your hand. If not, pick one up on the way. If you don't have one of your own convenient, grab anything - a bottle, a coffee mug, an iPad, a chamberpot, a printing press. Seriously, whatever. Anything! These are desperate times!

You do not want to rush into a potential combat situation and risk having to use the grappling rules.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Rey Solo? Han? ??? ... What the actual xxxx??? Hoo-boy.

Now, 5 points for Troublemaker is probably enough for at least one good skill bonus. Time to start guessing as to where a round ball rolling on sand will have put it - improved mobility is the obvious. If it's not sinking into the sand, given a small point of contact; if it's able to move easily, given the low friction of a smooth ball; then that's a really good sign.

Now for an interesting question. Anakin got an infusion of Force-enabled midi-chlorians. If that's like mitochondria, that's not going to transfer from the male to children, it would have to transfer from the female. Which means from Vader/Padmé.

But Vader/Padmé was a Force user in this story. So that fits, and would permit Luke and Princess to be Force users by genetics. And if Han and Princess had a child, Princess's midis would be in the child. Which would be how Rey Solo could be a Force user. I'm clueless as to how Pete will gain enough disadvantages to pay for that prestige class, but I'm sure we can see something show up.

Hmm. We've seen that Valorum/Grievous is still around behind the scenes. If Padmé/Vader is a Force user with an immortality charm, they are probably still around somewhere as well. Will we find out, in Episode IX, that the two of them have been manipulating events from off-screen, as master and apprentice?

Now, why was I wondering about Rey Solo being a Force user? I had heard that "Rey" was a villain who made a lightsaber. Since I saw "Ren", I thought I just had the name wrong - clearly, Ren would make a new saber of the proper color on switching sides. Oh...

Pete wanted to jump to Team Evil on finding out that it was possible. So Rey will turn evil, make a saber, take some massive psychological baggage to pay for the prestige class, and the parallels to Episode II and V - rising out of, and falling into, evil/badness, seems to be the dominant plot thread of this movie.

And, like father, like son daughter, Han wanted to go evil, but did not really sell out the Rebellion; Rey does?

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Huzzah! BB-8's back! I guess he got caught off-camera and brought over to Niima. So that'd mean it's been roughly a day since the village was attacked as BB-8 rolled off into the night and the sun(s?) started setting last comic. That's a long roll that BB-8 had. Or drag, depending on when this scavenger captured him.

Oh no! He's a troublemaker! That puts this comic in a different light for me now; BB-8 wasn't just trying to be helpful, he was trying to maximize the most trouble! Troublemaker is definitely a drawback that's worth taking. It's got what looks like a good number of points, there's good roleplaying moments that can come from it, and it's simple to work around both for the GM and the player. I can't wait to see what sort of shenanigans Corey gets the rest of the group into.

Oh my! Han Solo was Rey's father? Who's the mother then? Leia would be the obvious answer, but I didn't expect that Han would have had a kid. Maybe they just adopted Rey after the Empire was defeated. Now I'm really curious how much of a twist this will be to the readers that have seen the movie already.


GM: Corey, take this note.
BB-8: Hey! Leave me alone! Help!
GM: The voice comes from behind a nearby dune.
Rey: I grab my staff and race over.
[SFX]: grab
GM: Cresting the dune you see the scavenger Teedo, riding an armoured luggabeast, restraining a small round droid in a net.
BB-8: Help! Release me, you blackguard!
GM: BB-8, you recognise Rey from your database.
BB-8: Rey? Rey Solo! Boy, am I glad to see you!
Rey: That little droid’s going to cause me a lot of trouble...
BB-8: Oh, I excel at that.
BB-8: Literally. Since on your advice I took Troublemaker for 5 extra points.

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Published: Sunday, 19 July, 2020; 03:11:19 PDT.
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