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Episode 1863: Retro-spective


Interactions with minor NPCs can add a lot of flavour to a game. And we're not talking about Jira here, we're taling about that scavenger who asks if Rey's done with the scrubbing station.

Remember your campaign world is (probably) full of millions of other people, all just going about their daily lives, with their own worries and concerns and things they have to get done, and groups of PC heroes blundering through are of no real import to them, except in as much as they get in the way.

When your PCs are hesitating for a minute while haggling with a merchant to buy some new weapons, have a random person bump into them, or tell them to hurry up or get out of the way. Have someone driving a cart yell at them to get off the street. Have people stationed outside taverns intercept them and try to lure them in with promises of good food and entertainment. Have a self-important minor city official stride down the street and expect everyone to step aside. Have a group of kids run up excitedly and pester the heroes for stories of adventure and asking them where they got their weapons and fancy clothes.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

So this is Jira, from the old comics. "You remind me of that boy. Something about you"... Except...

It's not the same player. It's not the same character. Heck, the original was an NPC at the time. The only thing that is the same? The planet.

Meanwhile, we see the first effect of that Disadvantage. She's going to have to trade something away in order to get a good night's sleep to overturn that Disadvantage.

And we've got a major Chekhov's gun going off. Sooner or later, everything old is new again. So we're going to see more old stuff recycled into new strips, new situations. We'll boldly go where everyone has gone before. (Ok, so I'm watch Star Trek as I write this.)

As I'm looking at these images, I have to wonder: How is Rey's face so perfect, if she's living on a hot dry planet? How is she so light-skinned for that matter? Seriously - for a desert planet, you'd expect everyone to be dark skinned.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Well that's not ominous at all. Reminding someone of a boy whose only defined feature here was that he killed someone, especially when you know that he ended up causing the Jedi to be wiped out among other things, is like the top of the bad omen list without getting explicit in how you or your character is going to end up messing things up and dying. Pete definitely seems a bit unnerved too if his expression matches Rey's.

And how rude Rey! Just sitting there taking up space and not letting the robo-Jawa use the station. Seriously, I've never seen what a Jawa's face looks like and this being with its generic brown hood makes me think of a robot whale face stuck in a Jawa robe. Other robots don't need or wear clothes, so this would need to be a living alien right?

Food, drink, and sleep. A classic and reliable combination for removing fatigue when fancy spells or tech aren't available. Provided there's someone keeping watch of course, or you've got enough security to keep the random encounters out.

So having somehow guessed correctly that the old woman was Jira last comic (seriously, it's at least a 50 year difference and she was old then), I'm gonna to throw out more crazy ideas and see what ends up being right later. In ascending order of off-the-walls unlikely-ness: BB-8 ends up finding parts of R2-D2 and C-3P0 stuck inside them; Rey's building a laser mace to one-up Ren's laser sword plus two tiny laser swords; Rey is somehow the daughter of Luke and Kylo; We're gonna revisit all of the previous planets/moons from the first six movies (minus Naboo for obvious reasons) in roughly the order that they appeared.


Jira: You remind me of that boy... something about you...
[SFX]: scrub scrub
Scavenger: Hey!
Scavenger: Are you done with that scrubbing station?
Rey: Uh, nearly. Just a minute.
Rey: I want to make sure this thing is in good condition. Does it look damaged?
GM: No, it looks intact. And nice and clean.
Rey: All right. I’ll get some food and a good night’s sleep to remove my Fatigue.
GM: You’ll need to trade for something to eat.
Rey: Right, yeah. I’ll take some of the other parts to the commissary.
Jira: Remember: sooner or later, everything old is new again.
[SFX]: scrub
Rey: Well, in that case you should be young again any time now.

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Published: Thursday, 09 July, 2020; 03:11:19 PDT.
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