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Episode 1849: Boom 'n' Quest All Over Again


As the last survivor of a group of heroes, it's your solemn duty to flee to safety, recruit a new band of heroes, and return to take care of the dangers and evil that almost took out your entire party the first time.

Or you could just find a nice village and retire from the dangerous adventuring life...

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Looks like Poe's attempt at blowing up his own X-Wing has ended in failure. He wasn't around to see it explode, and in spite of the large mushroom cloud fireball, there's no mention of it actually injuring or killing any of the troopers. And now he can't even try again as the troopers took care of it. I have to wonder though, why shoot it to bits? Aren't there any larger weapons they can use to blow the whole village up at once and get the little ship at the same time? Or are they useless because of Tatooine's sand and so targeting air/space to ground lasers would always miss?

The inset snip of Finn is a bit odd though. Just standing around not saying anything; they don't even look surprised. It could be a way to have Finn in the first two panels reacting to the blaster bolt's end, but they're just jumping a little. I think that's Finn next to the circle of things in the first panels anyway; the image zoom isn't good enough for me to make out the hand print on the helmet.

And into the the twilight BB-8 goes. As this is a movie, or tabletop RPG depending on the point of view, I would estimate finding someone helpful to be a million-to-one chance. And given the note from the imaginary "Game Master", it just might work. Odds like that have a way of suceeding nine times out of ten, after all. In this case, BB-8 not suceeding would mean we'd have a boring story about a droid that ran off into the desert and died while an evil group conquered the galaxy, and while Star Wars might be rather cliché at times, I don't see its writing going that direction for long.

Talking to oneself is perfectly fine though; I tell myself that quite frequently! It just gets a little weird once you start holding long conversations out loud or other people start listening in. Or you start making volleyball people to talk to instead. That's a sign it's gone a little bit too far.

I'm going to guess this is the end of the game session, and BB-8 meets up with Ben and Pete's new characters next week or the equivalent time period thereof.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

The first thing I notice is that the blaster bolt explodes where the innocents used to be. And taking a look at the first panel, it seems that there was an awful lot of stuff in there that was just destroyed.

I admit that when they blew up the X-wing I was expecting some sort of booby-trap explosion or back blast, and not just a clean destruction.

Meanwhile, in the insert, Finn is looking... well, helmet face. We don't really get facial expressions through that armor. The body language might indicate some sort of concern, but I could just be reading that in myself.

A beautifully in-focus, well-lit view of BB-8, and then we get a nice summary of what's happened so far. And a call to the rule of film odds, with the astronomical chance of finding something - immediately followed by a note from the GM.

And I love the little tidbit at the end with Corey talking to himself, the Game Master joining in, and the entirely fourth-wall-breaking final line.


GM: Kylo Ren departs and the time-looped blaster bolt completes its journey.
[SFX]: kzzk...
[SFX]: Booom!
GM: Troopers blow up Poe’s X-wing.
[SFX]: Pow! Pow!
BB-8: Well. One PC dead, two on the evil side, and one defected to join them. Looks like it’s up to me to hold down Fort Good and find Luke.
BB-8: A lost droid, wandering through the trackless Tatooine desert. The odds of running into someone helpful must be astronomical. {heads off into the dark desert night}
GM: Actually... take this note, Corey.
BB-8: Huh!
BB-8: Cheer up old bean, I have an idea!
GM: Talking to yourself isn’t a good sign. Even for a droid.
BB-8: Talking to an imaginary “Game Master” is even worse.

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Published: Sunday, 07 June, 2020; 03:11:14 PDT.
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