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Episode 1843: A Superficial Defect


If you're going to make an approach to the enemy team, you need to offer them something that they don't already have. A piece of information, or equipment, or skills. And demonstrate to them that they need this thing, whether they knew it before or not.

So don't just go to them with a thing. Have a story ready as to why they need this thing. And why they need you alive to continue having this thing.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hah! Poe is totally doing a repeat of what Han did back on the Death StarPeace Moon! And what better way to show your trustworthiness than by tossing the other guy you came to meet under bus! And in this case, it works very well because Poe actually didn't see a map, just a little data stick he was told had a map. That's not actually a guarantee that a map does exist on it, and I bet we won't get to examine it closer until much much later, perhaps when it's not of any use any more. Oh and the player of the other guy isn't around any more to contradict what's said; that definitely helps too.

Depending on the the type of players one usually games with, they might be meticulous note-takers and keep track of all the plot details and items/bonuses the party has. Or they could swing the opposite direction and need frequent reminders about minor things, like what bonuses they currently have. I think I tend to fall more on the meticulous side, but Jim's always given me the feeling that he doesn't pay a lot of attention. It's probably an unfair characterization, but Pete did say Jim likes to turn his brain off in his downtime. So at this point, it's hard for me to tell if Jim is attempting to pull a fast one on Sally or if he's forgotten that he got the map and is just following where his mouth is leading with everything happening to work out in this case.

I do have to say though, telling Kylo you can't give them what they want is probably a bad idea. At least, without immediately going into why it doesn't matter or why you're going to fix that once they've let you go without killing you. At least Poe is agreeing with Kylo at the end. I'm going to guess that the next comic has Poe saying that his robot buddy has something from the old man that could be useful, but he'll need time to go meet up with BB later. And that if Kylo or the trooper squads come along for that meeting, BB-8 will notice something's wrong and refuse to make an appearance. Even if Vader's shown that distance is no object to using Force powers, that's still different than a laser sword to the face.

I do have to wonder what Corey's going to say about this; player character separation theories might get harder to stick to when it looks like the rest of the current players are working against you.

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

Well, there are three obvious ways this can go:

  1. Since you have no information that is of use to me, kill!
  2. Geez, killing worked so well last time, let's do something else this time.
  3. Join me. Together, we will (somehow) rule the Galaxy as leader and defector.

Number 3 makes the most "we're all players, so let's work together" sense.

How many of you have had times when players on different sides/teams/goals have worked together, even if it didn't make much sense, just so that you are playing together?

Wait a sec. How many D&D parties have something like a lawful character and a thief at the same time? How many have a cleric and... (roughly) half of the potential characters/alignments? Yea, that's pretty common, isn't it?

We now see yet another callback to Episode IV. Sally now is realizing why you capture instead of kill. Capture the princess, and torture to get information, versus kill the old man who has the knowledge somewhere in his head. Sure, he's forgotten, but just imagine what fun your medical team will have trying to get him to remember.

Medical team? Do we ever see any evidence of a sick bay or hospital or anything like that in the Star Wars movies? (I know, they're right next to the bathrooms.)


Kylo Ren: Are you...?
Poe: I want to work for the First Order.
Kylo Ren: A defector? Why should I trust you?
Poe: I’ll help you find Luke.
Kylo Ren: Go on.
Poe: Travel to the lost world of Achoo.
Kylo Ren: Ahch-To, I know. But it’s lost. The old man gave you the map.
Poe: I never saw any map! You guys interrupted our meeting. He lied to you to save his own skin.
Kylo Ren: That...
Poe: He knew you’d strike him down instead of torture him for info. And now you can never get the map that was only ever in his head!
Kylo Ren: Dang.
Poe: I know, right?

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Published: Sunday, 24 May, 2020; 03:11:13 PDT.
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