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Episode 1837: Surplus to Acquirements


Some villains are comically inept and not particularly evil. If you want a light game, you can definitely go for that sort.

Indeed, the tropes of villains being stupid or incompetent or simply not evil enough to finish the heroes off when they have them at their mercy are so prevalent that many people might expect a villain to behave in this way.

Give them their wake-up call early in the campaign.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Uh oh. And this is the downside of being obstructive. Applying too much obfuscation raises the Gordian similarity level, and there's no way to know when the red tape you put up is going to be cut through.

I'm tentatively guessing that Lor is just losing an arm or something at the moment rather than flat out dying. It's not a completely unreasonable guess. Reasons for:

  1. The GM doesn't strike me as the type that would want a character to die in the first hour of gameplay.
  2. The little thank you here to Lor's actor with Lor only having a small part so far.
  3. The picture's tiny enough that the proper blade doesn't look to be going out the other side.

Reasons against:

  1. It's very probably a lightsaber, even if does look rather dumb so it's not gonna leave a little scratch on a hit.
  2. Ben dug himself into this hole and the GM has let the players, especially Jim, experience the results of actions like that before with Jim topping the list by dying four times in four back-to-back sessions.
  3. Lor's got a Doom Mark on his head.

They're not good odds in the slightest, but there's enough there to make seem like it's not a 100% sure thing, and I want to throw in with Ben on this one.

Also, what the heck is with that crossguard? The places those two little glowing blades come out of better be lightsaber proof as well, otherwise it's not going to offer any more protection than a regular lightsaber. They might even provide a better chance of injuring Kylo (or whoever) when they're using it too!

Commentary by Keybounce (who has not seen the movie)

! Yea Sally! Atta girl!

This is how a villain should behave. If you think that threatening the innocent will get the heroes to talk, do that. If you think someone has outlived their usefulness, don't let them live.

And once again, the Vader kills the Obi-Wan to act as a delay/distraction for the hero to get away.

Which reminds me, our hero hasn't gotten away. We haven't seen anything from him and the ship's engines, nor anything from the bowling ball.

Have you ever been in a game where the GM gives so much attention to one character, so much time passing to their actions, that your character seems like a side distraction more than an actual character?


Kylo Ren: Where did this pilot go?
Lor: I have no idea.
Kylo Ren: You’re telling me that you don’t have anything I need.
Lor: That’s riii...
{beat, Kylo’s expressionless mask}
Lor: Sally?
[SFX]: shwhooom {Kylo ignites laser sword}
[SFX]: whooom {raises laser sword}
Lor: What?? Wait!!
[SFX]: Whooom!!!
[SFX]: Sliiice!!!
Lor: {collapsing} You’re supposed to take me prisoner and put me in a death trap that I can escape from!
Kylo Ren: I am not one of those villains.

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Published: Sunday, 10 May, 2020; 03:11:15 PDT.
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