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Episode 1811: The Manchurian Logic Gate


One piece of advice that can make your games feel better is to thank your GM for the hard work they put in, writing adventures, preparing background information, and running the game. And last but definitely not least, for putting up with all of the shenanigans and derailing all of that carefully plotted adventure that you, the players, get up to.

Actually, treat your GM to a nice meal some time. Mmm, yeah, that'd be nice...


GM: All right, you defeated the villain, and all the other droid "clones" shut down. Can we get some sleep?
GM: When Jim and Annie get back from their honeymoon, we can start the new adventure.
C-3PO: Sounds good. Thanks for the game!
GM: You're welcome, Sally.
Chewbacca: Yes, good job. That was fun, and left open some intriguing questions.
R2-D2: Yeah, millions of Nute's sleeper agents across the Galaxy have been activated.
Luke: It's terrifying.
R2-D2: I bet there's a buffer overrun in that signal that I can exploit to control them...
Luke: Yep, that's exactly what I was terrified of.

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Published: Sunday, 16 February, 2020; 02:11:13 PST.
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