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Episode 1801: Dirty Dancing


When claiming dice roll bonuses or any other sort of advantage for various circumstances, don't forget that those circumstances might also apply to your opponents.

Especially if you're currently working for the opponents.

(Which can happen in several different ways. You can be mind-controlled. You can be tricked into believing you're doing the right thing, but it's actually part of the villain's plot. You could be under duress, coerced, or being blackmailed. It could be a genuine accident. There could be two evil factions, and stopping one provides an opportunity for the other. And so on.)


GM: I'm granting Chewbacca a +5 roleplaying bonus because Ben wrote an actual song.
R2-D2: Well I should get a bonus too.
GM: For??
R2-D2: That hip dance move I did.
GM: You wiggled your elbows ironically.
R2-D2: Roleplaying.
C-3PO: But Artoo doesn't have elbows.
R2-D2: Shhh!
GM: Okay, fine, R2 gets a +3 bonus. The bad guys get... <roll> 13. Ben, roll for the counter-dance.
[SFX]: roll...
Chewbacca: 9.
R2-D2: Plus 5 plus 3 is 17! Yeah, suck it, evil dancers!
GM: You danced for the bad guys. 13 plus your +3 bonus is 16. The heroes get 9 plus Chewbacca's 5: 14.
R2-D2: Well... Ben's song was actually the secret message, not the jamming signal.
GM: Hmmm, true... You lose 21 to 9 then.
R2-D2: Much better.
Chewbacca: How did that help? We just lost by even more!
R2-D2: Yes, but now it's not my fault.

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Published: Sunday, 08 December, 2019; 02:11:06 PST.
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