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Episode 1797: One... Singular Sensation


Doing routine things shouldn't require a skill roll to succeed. It's only if you attempt something extraordinary, or under unusual circumstances, or under pressure, or in a hurry, that it becomes necessary to roll the dice to see how well (or badly) you did.

What this means for players, of course, is that you should always aim to do things in as unexceptional a manner and circumstance as possible. Your character should almost be yawning when trying to do things, they're that bored.

Clever GMs will of course not fall for this trick, and may also assess a penalty for yawning during combat.


GM: The space pigs, Angus, and the Sith Lord dance and sing in harmony.
Pigs, Angus, Gonzo: {singing} You are my lucky stars, I cloned you from afar. You've opened ev'ry border, out in space for a new Order.
Miss Piggy: This is it! This is the initial trigger song!
Kermit: Let them complete the ritual, we cannot.
Gonzo: The Wookiee's puny counter-dance is insignificant next to the power of a chorus line! Muaahahaha!
C-3PO: It's like Snape versus Quirrell at the Quidditch match!
R2-D2: Luke! You have to stop it. You're the only one left!
Miss Piggy: What do I look like? A pork sausage?
R2-D2: He's the only PC left!
Luke: I quick-draw my laser sword and—
GM: Quick draw? Make a skill roll.
R2-D2: A normal draw would have been fine.
Luke: Don't panic.
[SFX]: 1!
Luke: Okay, panic.

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Published: Sunday, 10 November, 2019; 02:11:13 PST.
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