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Episode 1784: Some NPCs Are More Equal Than Others


When you can anticipate NPC dialogue before your GM says it, then you know you've been playing roleplaying games almost long enough.


Luke: One of those pig guards? I bet the other one's lurking around here somewhere too.
{Miss Piggy peeks into the bridge briefly and retreats}
{Dr Julius Strangepork appears}
Julius Strangepork: If you don't turn this ship around, you'll bleed like a stuck—
R2-D2: Oh! What a surprise. I did not see this happening in this curly tale.
C-3PO: He's here to ham it up.
Luke: Can you just get out of here and leave us alone?
R2-D2: In his eye, he will.
C-3PO: He's clearly a male chauvinist.
R2-D2: We could pay him to go.
C-3PO: Try to grease him, eh?
GM: Hey, you're using all my lines before I can!
R2-D2: Oh, don't like being piggy in the middle then?

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Published: Sunday, 11 August, 2019; 03:11:02 PDT.
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