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Episode 1782: Swain Trek


As long as you say you're a member of some fancy sounding group or organisation and act like you're a member, many people won't question your credentials, true membership status, or even the existence of the group at all.

This is bluffing at the epic level. Not just bluffing a single person or a guard or whoever, but bluffing everyone. The good thing about this is that if you get away for it long enough, your bluff becomes the de facto reality.

So if you need some extra status or influence when arriving at a new town, just casually drop the "fact" that you're a member of the Knights of Tharavon, or the Blue Wizards of Vray, or whatever. It doesn't matter of the group doesn't exist, as long as you make it sound impressive enough. (In fact, it can be better if the group doesn't really exist, lest you run across someone who really is a member...)


GM: You're on your ship, heading from Kamino to Koozebane.
C-3PO: Are you sure this was the best ship available, Artoo?
R2-D2: It got us to Kamino in one piece.
R2-D2: Now about this Sith Lord. We're sure Vader's dead, right?
Luke: I burnt her body.
C-3PO: The Force runs strong in Anakin's family...
R2-D2: So does getting burnt.
C-3PO: But Anakin only became a Sith Lord by declaring himself to be one. What's to stop anyone else doing the same?
Luke: Us, that's who!
C-3PO: Why would someone declare themself a Sith Lord?
Luke: To strike fear into the heart of the Rebellion!
R2-D2: We're the heart of the Rebellion.
C-3PO: Yeah. I'm more perplexed than scared.

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Published: Sunday, 28 July, 2019; 03:11:02 PDT.
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