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Episode 1779: A Boy Named Scooter


If any of your players have artistic abilities, make use of them! Recruit them into your campaign world-building, by having them make visual art of characters or locations, or write songs or poems or sagas about the great deeds of the game heroes, or construct props - either replicas of in-game items such as wands or potions, or game aids such as miniature scenery. Sometimes your players can be your greatest resource for making your world come alive, and by participating in the world-building in a concrete way they get to share in the satisfaction of creating a world as well.

If they're musicians you could even have them perform in-game music or songs to set the scene in taverns or parades or whatever.


[SFX]: strum
Scooter: {singing}
Dib had a best friend, but he's gone and flown.
Dib worked for Jabba to repay a loan.
He hoped for pay but to the dogs was thrown.
'Cos I'm a clone, I walk alone.
Scooter: {singing}
Dib's friend was guilt-wracked and for forgiveness prayed.
Tried to make peace and have his debt repaid.
Scooter: {singing}
But Dib was long gone, so he had me made.
'Cos I'm a clone, I walk alone.
{a ghost of Janice appears beside Scooter, playing her bass guitar}
Scooter: {singing}
And now in this place it's an all-clone zone.
Life should be good now, but it's moan and groan.
I'm just a copy, my mind's not my own.
'Cos I'm a clone, I walk alone.
{ghosts of Floyd playing guitar, Zoot playing sax, and Animal playing drums also appear around Scooter}

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Published: Sunday, 07 July, 2019; 03:32:57 PDT.
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