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Episode 1775: Suits You, Sir


Sometimes as a GameMaster, you'll forget some detail or come up with something that is inconsistent with previously established canon in your campaign world. Or describe something that your players find implausible or even ridiculous. They may complain or laugh.

Or some player may accept what you say as the truth and try to fit it into their view of how the campaign world works. They'll come up with some in-game excuse for why it's actually consistent and believable.

These players are gold. They are your gift horses. Do not look them in the mouth.


Kermit: {looking on from the side of the stage} An impressive performance, that was.
Animal: {appearing} Yeah, well, we're all bred to be performers, ain't we? Play the part 'cos that's what the fans want.
Kermit: Sure fans want this, are you?
Animal: You kiddin'? Angus McGonagle, the argyle gargoyle who gargles Gungan? What's not to love?
Animal: But this other guy, we gotta get rid of him. He's gonna mess up the act.
{Animal goes on stage, pushes Mark off}
Animal: Off! Off! Get off!
C-3PO: Who's this new guy?
GM: He looks a bit like Jabba's little sidekick.
R2-D2: I deduce that he's a clone of Jabba's sidekick.
GM: Right.
C-3PO: The one who we only ever saw wearing a creature suit?
GM: That's him.
C-3PO: So he looks like a badly made clone of the suit?
GM: ...
GM: Right.
R2-D2: Aha! So maybe all of these so-called clones look so terrible because they're all wearing suits!
GM: No, it's just him.
R2-D2: Oh for heaven's sake! I gifted you a way out!

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Published: Sunday, 09 June, 2019; 03:11:04 PDT.
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