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Episode 1773: A Lynyrd Cannot Change its Skynyrd


You can break the fourth wall in a roleplaying game. In fact, players do it all the time when they are making out-of-character comments to the GM.

For extra fun, try making those out-of-character comments in character, while looking directly at your GM. Use your character's voice and mannerisms, rather than your own. This works best if your character has a distinct personality and manner that are obviously different ot your own, so you might need to set this up in advance. But I guarantee it'll mentally stun your GM.


Fozzie: Encore! Encore! Do Free Bird!
Luke: Ask me to dance again. Ask me to dance, I dare you! I double dare you! Ask me to dance one more goddamn time!
Fozzie: That's it. You're going on report! {runs off, away from stage}
Luke: Suits me! {runs off, towards stage}
GM: Luke appears again through the exit door... in his other clothes. {Mark reappears through exit}
C-3PO: It's like there's two of him.
R2-D2: At a cloning facility. What are the odds?
Mark: {directly to camera} Well that took them long enough...

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Published: Sunday, 26 May, 2019; 03:11:04 PDT.
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