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Episode 1765: The Sheep! Look Out!


We've said before: The primary rule of vehicular combat is: You can always ram.

Don't forget that you can also apply this to personal combat.

Doubly so if you use actual rams.


GM: A serious looking clone gets on stage and addresses the theatre.
Nûwsreader: At last, Ah 'ave an audience. Mah plan is about to come to, 'ow you say... fruition.
Nûwsreader: Ah 'ave worked all mah life for zis moment, where Ah do not 'ave ze filtair between moi and ze people!
Nûwsreader: Ah 'ave ze truth raght 'ere! Ah am going to read zis to all of you, raght now!
Nûwsreader: Eet was ze blood of angry men, in ze dark of ages past...
R2-D2: Wait. What's he reading from?
GM: Sheets of pape... uh...
C-3PO: That's illegal!
Scooter: Sic 'im, ewes!
Nûwsreader: Argh! Non!! Ze droids, Ah tell you! Do not trust zem!
Sheep: Baa! Baa!!
Nûwsreader: Will you zhoin in mah crusade? Who will be strong and stand wiz moi?
Sheep: Baa! Baa!!
[SFX]: Slam!
[SFX]: Thud!
Sheep: Baa! Baa!!
Sheep: Baa! Baa!!
Nûwsreader: Ah'm mad as 'ell, and Ah'm not going to take zis any more!
Sheep: Baa! Baa!!
[SFX]: Noggin!
Sheep: Baa! Baa!!
[SFX]: Scone!
R2-D2: It's a ram-page!!

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Published: Sunday, 31 March, 2019; 03:11:04 PDT.
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