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Episode 1759: It's Time to Break the Third Wall


A quick and dirty technique to come up with characters or settings on the fly is to take one of your favourite TV shows or movies and file the edges off a bit. If you file enough (or squeeze it in a vice and hammer it a bit), you can adapt virtually anything to any type of game.

Your characters are FBI agents investigating a case of espionage at a local nuclear power plant. It turns out that the missing plutonium was accidentally taken home by a careless plant worker, and then discovered by his son, who tried to use it in a school prank that went horribly wrong, requiring calling in a nuclear containment team and leading to a major diplomatic incident with Russia.

Little do your players realise you just made that plot up from The Simpsons.


GM: The Kaminoans aren't just going to let you waltz into their clone training... theatre.
R2-D2: Aha! Clearly we need to break our way in!
[SFX]: < doosquee whirdle zibuzz >
GM: That's—
Luke: We blast through the wall!
[SFX]: crash!
C-3PO: I say, it's a bit rustic.
Scooter: Who are you? What are you doing in this—
GM: <roll>
Scooter: —dressing room?
Angus McGonagle: {aside} What? The theatre too?
Luke: I'm looking for a Jedi Master. Small, green, wise, acts like he runs the place.
Scooter: Oohhh. Kermit. You seek Kermit.
Luke: Kermit? No, Yoda.
Scooter: Never heard of him.

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Published: Sunday, 17 February, 2019; 02:11:03 PST.
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