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Episode 1754: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something R2-D2


Welcome to our new story, which will run once per week (on Sundays) while we take 2/3 of a break before Episode IX is released.

Preparation before running an adventure is an important factor in making the story, the background, the setting, and the events engaging and compelling. But so is the skill of being able to run an adventure with essentially no preparation whatsoever. Because it doesn't matter how well prepared you are, you will have to make stuff up on the spot anyway.


Sally: Such a lovely wedding.
Corey: I think I got some good photos. That sunrise was amazing.
Sally: And the reception lunch was fantastic.
Pete: Yeah, so what shall we do now?
GM: I have this adventure I wrote that starts 30 years later on Tatooine...
Ben: We can't start that while Jim and Annie are off on their honeymoon.
Sally: Yeah, let's do a different adventure. Just make something up!
GM: Make something up? Like, now?
Corey: We're waiting...
GM: I usually take weeks to write an adventure.
Pete: Consider it an improvisation challenge.
GM: Right. Unlike any of the other times I run games for you guys.

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Published: Sunday, 13 January, 2019; 02:11:02 PST.
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