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Episode 1748: Leaves, Stalks, and Shoots


We were always a bit sad that we couldn't fit that iconic opening shot from Episode IV into the opening of our comic treatment of Episode IV. But thanks to Rogue One, here it is now.

It's lucky that the gang decided they needed to tell the story of that adventure to Ben and Corey.

Oh, and for something like the past 3 weeks now we've seen people on various forums commenting after every new comic: "Well, Rogue One is over, I wonder what they'll do next?" Only for the next strip to appear a couple of days later.

No, we're not done yet. When our treatment of Rogue One is over we'll tell you. You won't be left wondering. (And no, we still haven't finalised what we're going to do next. We'll let you know.)

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

Jim, the protection of the sand only works on planet. You're in outer space, above the planet; they can still hit you.

"How did they follow us?". Clearly, this should have been impossible. The star destroyer would have needed some sort of implausible guidance force, like entangled midi-chlorians, or some parental ability to tell when your children are misbehaving and need to be sent to their room.

I do like the idea of "just shoot randomly until you hit the broad side of a barn".

As a general rule, if the players have a plan that involves trying to set up a trap, the GM should play along with the players' trap. It generally makes for a better story. Of course, if a simple trap takes out the entire enemy force, that's only a good story if it is "ordinary mooks". Never allow that to work against the ultimate big bad.

One role-playing game, TORG, actually divided the scenario into ordinary scenes, and dramatic scenes; ordinary scenes where the player characters can handle dozens of minor villains, and dramatic scenes where all the special effects are held, the one big villain who is resisting everything that the players have done up to that point, etc. You could say that this game was actually designed to mimic a 3-act film.

Which means that this is a dramatic scene, and the players will fail. We should expect to see the ship get boarded, everyone get shot, captured, killed, or barely escape.

Oh that's right...

— Keybounce


Leia: You want your frackin' dreadnought?! No! We need to get to Naboo!
R2-D2: They'll track us down like marble-eating dogs! Besides, Tatooine's on the way. More or less.
Captain Antilles: This dreadnought will have weapons, right?
R2-D2: Bristling with them!
Captain Antilles: I've got an awesome plan. Let's go!
[SFX]: Whooooooooosssshhhh!!! {hyperspace}
GM: Soon after you arrive at Tatooine, a star destroyer pops out of hyperspace behind you.
Leia: Oh no, how did they follow us?
Leia: We need to set up a false trail. Give me a minute, I'll "accidentally" open a channel and imply we're going to Alderaan.
Captain Antilles: Fire all weapons!
C-3PO: Are you crazy? They're hundreds of times bigger than us!
Captain Antilles: Exactly! They fell into our trap! They can't target us because of Tatooine's sand!
Leia: Doesn't that mean we can't target them either?
Captain Antilles: Yeah, but we can just fire randomly! They're hundreds of times bigger than us! We can't miss!
Captain Antilles: This is awesome!

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Published: Tuesday, 25 December, 2018; 02:11:02 PST.
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