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Episode 1722: Bailing Out


Introducing new characters for players whose previous characters have died is always a tricky part of any game. You need to find a logical place and reason for the new characters to appear, and to join the existing group of adventurers.

So here's another option for you to try some time. Have them be the survivors of a disastrous earlier expedition with similar goals to the current party. For example, if the heroes are exploring a generic dungeon, ridding it of monsters and recovering treasure, then say that the newly arrived characters are the survivors of another group of would-be dungeon cleansers, who suffered the loss of their comrades in some horrible encounter. The horrible encounter should have happened as pretty much the first thing this hapless party encountered, so the survivors don't have much additional info to impart to their newfound comrades.

This way, the new characters and the old share a common mission, and they may encounter one another virtually anywhere, as they were performing the same tasks, so of course they could be met in any of the same places. Even within the dungeon itself, if need be - perhaps they are lying wounded near the bodies of their former comrades. Or they could limp into the bar that the heroes are frequenting. Or whatever.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

So this is a sad face.

We are now definitely, 100% certain that we will not be seeing the second mission. At this point, we are seeing the disaster of the aftermath of the second mission, 100% offscreen, and...

Jim dies, surrounded by enemy troops, again.

Trapped in a room, surrounded by enemy troops, again.


Where have we heard that before?

Also: we are apparently able to transmit data through the shield. Presumably, that the data is being transmitted should now be known to the Empire. Even if they cannot intercept the data, any halfway decent communication system from a high-security military operation will have some means of reporting what it is sending just to be able to make sure that no one is sending unauthorized transmissions. Bria should have a target on her at this point; if there are any functioning Imperial fighters around, either the dish, or her, should be shot.

Looking down at that planet, in that first frame, that really does not look like a planet of solid water and compressed ice with only a small amount of sand.

— Keybounce


GM: You set up the transmission and start sending.
Admiral Raddus: We're receiving the data!
Bria: Cool. What else is happening up there?
Admiral Raddus: Bail Organa's ship has just joined us.
Bria: Great! Now we're sure to win the battle! You can pick me up when you're done.
Admiral Raddus: They're limping back from a disaster at Polis Massa.
Bria: I'm sure it wasn't Bail's fault.
GM: Pete, Sally, you can play R2 and 3PO now, since you're on Bail's ship.
C-3PO: Yeah, Bail very bravely trapped himself in a room surrounded by Imperial troops so we could get away.
R2-D2: Yes!! A massive space battle! With me here we can't possibly lose.
C-3PO: Where have we heard that before?

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Published: Thursday, 25 October, 2018; 03:11:02 PDT.
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