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Episode 1720: High Jinx


Sometimes the PCs in a game might need some assistance, or call in help. You can have The Cavalry arrive to help them out.

But maybe The Cavalry's resources are limited, so as not to make things too easy. If the PCs are looking for an evacuation route, The Cavalry might not be able to supply one. This forces the players to still have to come up with something clever to escape.

Basically, its doesn't have to be a complete deus ex machina when the PCs need some help. They can get partial assistance, but still have to work hard to turn things around from complete disaster to qualified success.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

This is a hard comic to write an annotation for.

Trying to squeeze 2 people into a one-man fighter isn't impossible; but it certainly is not going to be easy. And if you have the Peace Moon plans, and you need extraction, then you need to be able to be extracted.

With the shield gate closed, there is no extraction. Bria's best opportunity to get away is not to board a ship that's going to be shot at, but to allow them to shoot until there is an escape route.

And seriously, "I'll transmit the plans to you"? If she succeeded (note that her target was blown up before she had a chance to), all she would have done is make sure that whoever on the Imperial side is monitoring the battle would regard "the enemy has gotten to the transmitter, and is trying to transmit data; they must be shot down" as the proper order to give.

You have a highly secure data facility, with a highly secure data tower, and information being transmitted from it. Suddenly, that radio dish has become expendable, and the faster you can expend it the better. There is no reason for anyone monitoring the battle not to give that order the instant a data transmission is sensed/detected; giving her position away is the worst thing that Bria can do.

— Keybounce


Bria: Hmm. Maybe I'll just radio them.
Bria: Rebel squadron! Come in! I need someone to land on the Burj Scarifa and lift me off the planet!
[SFX]: boom! boom!
Red Twelve: We're one-man fighters!
Bria: I'm a woman!!
Red Twelve: Er...
Bria: I'm sure I can squeeze in.
Red Twelve: We're badly outnumbered! If we stop to pick you up we'll almost certainly be shot down.
Bria: It's worth the risk! I have the Peace Moon plans!
Red Twelve: Really?
Bria: Here, I'll transmit them to you to prove it!
Red Twelve: Wow! Good job! I'll save a copy and retransmit—
[SFX]: Ka-boom! {Red Twelve is blown up}

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Published: Sunday, 21 October, 2018; 03:11:01 PDT.
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