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Episode 1713: Scale and Scalability


Always make use of cover when facing enemies with ranged weapons. Anything can be used as cover in a pinch. Your backpack. Your sleeping bag. Your horse. Your fellow party members.

Actually that last one can be very effective. Why do you think the magic-wielders are always at the back behind the fighters? And what do you think the rogue is doing sneaking around like that?

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

"King Kong"? No, "Donkey Kong". Or, "Crazy Climber", or probably any other of a half-dozen climbing-based video games.

Putting the shaft of data crystals between you and your opponent as a shield is a smart move. Clearly, the next thing to happen is that both of them are going to wind up climbing to the top of the tower on opposite sides, where they race to the top to meet in a giant, epic clash of spectacular special effects.

Or not.

But absolutely, collect as many data crystals as you can pull out while you climb. If there is a videogame adaptation of this movie, you'll be able to pull out 3. Or one. Depends on how Nintendo-ish the game designers are.

Still, whether it is having the moral high ground, or having the physical high ground, either way it is not likely to make an actual difference in the fight. After all, if you're shooting a light-based weapon, and you have line of sight, you can shoot someone clear across an entire can of sky.

(I think that data tower is more than two meters across, so it will provide cover).

— Keybounce


Krennic: It's over, Rebel scum, I have the high ground.
Bria: We'll see about that!
Bria: I climb up the shaft. And around to shield myself.
K-2SO: {dead} Shouldn't you go down to check Cassian? And find a ship we're not using as a bomb to escape?
Bria: No?
Chirrut: {dead} You're climbing up?
Bria: Yeah, to get the high ground!
Chirrut: Two words: King Kong.
Bria: Yeah! Awesome! Can I pull out more data crystals as I climb?
K-2SO: To get more Imperial data?
Bria: No, to use as weapons!

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Published: Thursday, 04 October, 2018; 03:11:17 PDT.
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