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Episode 1696: The Flying Dutchman


Ironic nicknames are definitely a thing. Consider having a hulking barbarian nicknamed "Tiny". A bald wizard nicknamed "Curly". Or... wait, there's even a trope for this!

A good use for this is to have the major villain only known by a nickname. The heroes struggle through multiple linked adventures to uncover the villain's plan and lair, and they prepare for the final assault assuming "The Barbarian" is a literal Barbarian. Only to discover it's the nickname of a 23rd level wizard dragon.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

A thousand ships. Either the Emperor, or Admiral Fish-face, thinks that their first name is Helen.

But here, we see the Empire being somewhat competent. They have a good defense system (planetary shield); they have ships to defend and supplement that defense system; they look like they are able to hold off the Rebels.

And what's this? The Rebels flying straight into the shielding?

Here's an idea! The Empire should broadcast the location of the secret bases with the shields. Let the Rebellion destroy itself.

And again, Pete is keeping count of his pawns.

— Keybounce

[aurilee has been too busy to write her past few commentaries. They will be added retroactively when she gets time.]

— aurilee


GM: {present day} The Rebels were trying to break through to assist Rouge One.
[SFX]: Pow!
GM: {present day} And the Empire launched a thousand ships to face them.
[SFX]: Pow! Pow! Pow!
Admiral Raddus: It's a scrap!
Gold Leader: Red Leader, this is Gold Leader: We're starting our attack run on the shield gate. Keep it tight and watch out for those towers.
GM: {present day} Gold Leader is Jon Vander, nicknamed "Dutch", because he speaks English.
[SFX]: Bawoom! {Rebel fire splashes ineffectually off the force field in the shield gate}
Gold Leader: The force field is too strong. We need another way.
[SFX]: Pow! Pow!
{present day conversation:}
Annie: Oh no, he's got a backstory too. He's doomed.
GM: No, he's the same Gold Leader in the Peace Moon battle.
Pete: But he died in that battle.
Annie: Oh?
Pete: You don't remember?

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Published: Sunday, 26 August, 2018; 03:11:03 PDT.
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