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Episode 1688: Kyber Security


To create challenging situations for your players, you could do a lot worse than just copy some of the everyday frustrations from real life.

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

"We must construct include additional digits" :-0. Yes, the whole "what needs to be in a password" debate.

So many different sites have so many different rules. Some don't work if you include Unicode. Some don't work if you include a Unicode with more than 3 bytes in a character. Some don't work if you include characters used in various scripting languages.

And then there's those that do work with scripting languages. Talk to Bobby for an example.

— Keybounce

[aurilee has been too busy to write her past few commentaries. They will be added retroactively when she gets time.]

— aurilee


Bria: Oh! I plug the crystal in and open a browser.
GM: You find the folder about Galen's mother. "In the year 3217 LY, Araminta Dench married Walton Erso on the planet Grange".
Bria: Oh, yes, I remember her now! "Dench".
Sciri: Correct. Now, what was your first pet's name?
Bria: Right, I search for that in the crystal.
GM: You find a few photos of an Alderaanian deer with "Comet" embroidered on its collar.
Bria: Ha ha, I wonder why it says "Comet"?
Sciri: Correct. Finally: What is your favourite productivity application?
Bria: Ooh! I don't even need to cheat on this one! "PowerPoint"!
Sciri: And what would you like your new password to be, Galen?
Bria: "Douchebagtraitorfacewhobetrayedhisfamily".
Sciri: I'm sorry, you need at least one digit.
Bria: Okay, fine. "Douchebagtraitorfacewhobetrayedhisfamily1".

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Published: Tuesday, 07 August, 2018; 03:38:58 PDT.
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