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Episode 1653: Don't Bring a K to a Star Destroyer Fight


Never make things too easy. Basically, why have one overpowered defender when you can have two? And a force field?

[Reminder: Our guest commentators have not seen Rogue One. Part of the fun is seeing how their untainted impressions re-interpret the movie through the lens of our comic.]

Sally's been playing too much Grand Theft Auto methinks.

Mind you, K-2 would probably be fine sitting outside a spaceship and shooting assuming she was designed to work in that level of cold. Sure, the meatbags might be at risk of dying if the door is left open too long, but there are things to shoot! Really big things! If there was ever a time to imitate the rocket-launcher-from-back-of-car scene from Commando, this is it!

— aurilee

Jim is very clearly concerned with his plan. He knows that in order to use the data about how Kamino's orbit was changed, they have to raid the data facility on Toprawa. That is clearly very important, because it is the first step to finding the water planet.

"What does it look like?"
"A planet made of water."

and the duh-obvious award goes to ... GM I guess.

If you didn't know what a planet made of water looked like, this would provide no information. Now, all the information that I have read about weather modeling says that a planet entirely of water should be completely covered in clouds. Not spotty, patchy clouds like that.

"We blast our way through!". Yeah, Sally is role-playing a combat robot.

"I open the door and start shooting". Ahh, Now we get to the fun part. There are role-playing games (planet mercenary) that follow the "you say it, you do it" rule. In those systems, the door has been opened.

"Air is for sissies".

— Keybounce


Bria: Hmm. Toprawa is closer, we'll go there first. We can check out Kamino to find the Imperial base later.
Chirrut: Okay, good. Let's do that.
GM: Right, you arrive at Toprawa.
Bria: Awesome! What does it look like?
GM: A planet made of water.
Bria: I knew it!
GM: There's an energy barrier surrounding the planet.
GM: Oh, and two star destroyers in orbit.
Chirrut: Aha! So they are guarding something important.
K-2SO: We blast our way through!
Bodhi: We're an unarmed cargo shuttle.
K-2SO: Nothing's unarmed when I'm in it! I open the door and start shooting!
Cassian: Wait!!!

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Published: Thursday, 17 May, 2018; 04:13:33 PDT.
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